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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Majolica Majorca Blush Collection

Im not sure who recommended this blush brand but im sure I got the news from GirlTalk

What helped me decide to get these blushes is the fact that they're pretty cheap (I cant remember how much i got them for about a year ago thru a Pre-Order) 
and that they're made by Shiseido. Sis Smile got these blushes for us in HongKong since they werent locally available that time. 

Now for the review : 

88 Highlighter 

In the pan, this looks lilac-ish silver with a hint of chunky silver glitter.
But when applied, there'd be no hint of it being lilac-ish at all, it would just impart a faint glow when applied with a light hand. I figured that it looks better when you use a stippling brush to apply it. Be careful not to overdo, else youd look like a disco ball since the chunky glitter is pretty obvious. This would work well as a base for matte blushes to give you a healthy sheen. Tap the brush before application when you want to use it to highlight other key areas of your face to get rid of the chunky shimmer. 


A website i found describes this shade as Berry Pink, but I dont think it has hints of berry hues at all, i would best describe this shade as dolly pink, it looks matte pink on the pan but when applied, it gives a teeny amount of sheen, its a must try for people who love clean-pink blushes. It can pass as a dupe of Cargo Catalina which is my HG doll pink blush. 


This one looks scarily orange in the pan, but when applied, it gives a vibrant, fresh peach hue, i think this one will be best for summer, over tanned skin, topped with a very light layer of bronzer. 


This one reminds me of CARGO Key Largo, I sold my key largo about a month ago and had sellers remorse. But when I dug thru my stash, I found this and this could pass as a dupe of CARGO key largo, this is a vibrant reddish orange blush that gives a really nice flush, a light hand is needed to apply this blush since its highly pigmented. It gives a nice flush that looks like youve just been out in the cold, as this color melts in your skin, it gives that nice cheektint-ish effect that looks oh-so-natural. Next to PK333, this one is love! 


A lot of people say this one can pass as a dupe of NARS Orgasm, but as I see it, its more like a sister of CARGO Louisiana, this one's sheer pink infused with bronze shimmer this is also nice for summer, it gives a warm bronzey, rosy sheen.

Theres just 1 thing i dont like about these blushes -- the packaging, which i find a bit flimsy. The cover can come loose after some time and has the tendency to slide off the body of the blush (check my OR322 blush, it has a small nick on the surface because the cover came off while it was inside my purse)

But overall, theres nothing else to hate about these Majolica Majorca Blushes, the quality is actually good considering its a drugstore brand.

I also wish there were more shades to choose from. heehee! 

For those who are interested in trying Majolica Majorca Products, you can find their first kiosk in the Beauty Section of SM Makati. Starting this month, Majolica Majorca will start to open other kiosks in all leading SM Department Stores and Watsons Outlets. 

For a partial list of Majolica Majorca Products that are available locally, here's my previous entry : 

Are you a fan of any of Majolica Majorca's products? 
Share your thoughts. :)

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 

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