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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Perfect Cheekstain

On the spotlight is another drugstore brand from London -- Kiko Cosmetics. 

Its the first time that i got to try this brand, and I loved their Water Blush Cheekstains at first sight! :) 

I was a fan of cheekstains as well, but i hated how hard it is to work with cheekstains coz you need to make sure your cheek is well moisturized, and you have to make sure you blend the blush quickly after dotting it or else it would leave a mark on the spot where you initially dotted it. 

Also, some cheekstains emphasize the size of the pores, some doesnt look natural and some are that pigmented that it would be easy to overdo. 

Again, this one's an exception, Im starting to love the quality of products from UK, that even the drugstore brands have better quality than mid-end  American brands ive already tried. 

The formula has a texture of light gelcreme, i assume its water based since upon contact with the fingers or cheeks, it instantly melts and makes blending a breeze. Dot it, leave it for a few seconds and blend it, it wouldnt leave a streak on the skin. The colors ive tried so far are Pretty Pink and Berry Sparkle.

Pretty Pink 
- this one is clean baby pink with a subtle hint of silver and gold shimmer. 

I used to love posietint but it tends to leave a "map" of where i dotted it if i fail to blend it rightaway, so this won me over, i love how it blends to a perfect flush that looks natural. This would work best with people who are NC30 and lighter. For those with darker complexions, im afraid this might not show up unless you do a little more layering to build the intensity of color. 

Berry Sparkle 
- berry red with fine gold specks 

I also love this since it gives a warm flush, the shimmer, when applied isnt really evident unless you look at it closely. This is the more versatile color in my opinion, it looks great on people with light to medium skintones, and looks as equally gorgeous on people with nc35 and darker skintones. 

Overall, i love this product, prolly the best cheekstain ive ever tried. I just wish these can be used for the lips as well. 

Would I repurchase? Probably not of these 2 shades, since i still have 3 tubes of each shade at hand. :) 

But I wanna try 02 Mandarin Fizz, since the color looks interesting, peachy-pink I think. 

That wraps up my review for my new HG Cheekstains. 

But wait, before I end this entry, lemme share how I work with my cheekstains. 

3 steps/tips to make your Cheekstain look more natural :

1. Moisturize your face. To help you avoid having patches of cheekstain marks on the cheeks. 

2. Use a moistened foundation brush to blend your cheekstain, not your fingers as your fingers tend to put pressure on the cheek making it redder than normal, meaning - you would tend to rub off more product than to deposit it onto the cheek for a healthy flush of color. 

3. Put cheekstain little by little rather than slathering a huge amount at once, its easier to build up the color than to redo your makeup once youve overdone your cheekstain. 


Live, Love, Stay Fab!! 


  1. I liked the pink one a lot, thanks to you. :P

    Sadly though, It gave me spots on my cheeks. Bummer. :(

  2. aww sorry to hear that pammy, these waterblushes didnt cause me to breakout naman. Sayang haha! :))

  3. @ chel - glad you do! :))

    @ sol - abangan ko yung #1, tapos sendan ulit kita, baka yun magshow up na.. :) amishu donya! :) business tycoon ka na! hahaha!

  4. nice review! where can I buy these sis? :)

  5. @D.O.A.L.B - its not available locally sis but i can help you purchase them, send me an email if youd want to get one. :)

  6. hi, is the consistency same as etude house cherry tints?i have a problem blending kasi and doesnt show up sa cheecks ko. i think hearing from the experts i want to try this to. thanks

  7. kath : the consistency is a bit more runny than etude fresh cherry tints, and these are easier to blend.

    prolly the reason why the color doesnt show up sa cheeks mo is because the more you blend it out, the more you take the product off your cheeks, sa fingers mo mapupunta the product. the best way, in my opinion is to use a foundation brush that youve moistened with water or face mist, and use that to blend your cheekstain, in that way, you dont put too much pressure on your cheeks (which makes it redder than normal) kaya minsan akala mo youve put too much cheekstain on, pag nawala na the redness, wala ka din palang nadeposit na cheekstain. :D Hope this helps. :)


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