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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Majolica Majorca now available in the Philippines! :)

Majolica Majorca is the drugstore line of Shiseido. Just about a year ago, I was wishing for this brand to be available locally, this is so far the best drugstore brand that ive tried. Ive tried their mascaras and blushes and i love them! I got my stuff thru a fellow GirlTalker (thanks Smile!) last year and im glad Majolica Majorca is now available here in our country,  their first counter can be found in the Beauty Section of SM Makati. 

Starting March2011, the brand will open their kiosks in all leading SM Department Stores and Watsons outlets around Manila and Cebu. 

Will post a review of their blushes prolly tomorrow, but for now, im gonna share a partial list of their best selling products with their corresponding prices. 

Wish granted. :)

Do you have Majolica Majorca items in your stash? What are your favorites?

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :) 


  1. lel : i know! :P im eyeing yung glow and quick polishes! hahaha! so far yun lang, and i wanna try the primer. haha!

  2. I'm curious about the primer. :P

  3. wow! i'll definetely check this out... I'm thinking of trying the primer since my face is starting to become a factory of oil since its super hot nowadays....

  4. I wanted to try the powder foundie but wala akong shade. :(

  5. chel : ouch! so most likely i wont find my perf match rin.. :( i like the case pa naman, ang cute! sana kasize ng supplist, kasi i still have refills of supplist here. hehe!

  6. pammy : parang i wanna try all the face pacts and the primer. haha!

    baya : their packaging is super nice noh? i like the skin remaker pore cover, the packaging looks expensive. haha!

  7. i love that their prices are not that expensive! I tried their lash expander mascara pero di ko type coz its difficult to remove.. Im eyeing on their blushes =)

  8. khymm : I just hope that these prices are not just introductory prices that would suddenly increase after a few months, hehe! Their blushes are nice, good quality for a drugstore brand. :) Their mascaras are difficult to remove nga, youll need a good makeup remover para maalis sha, talk about really good staying power haha!

  9. Yeah I hope these aren't introductory prices because the prices actually look great and I just might go out and buy a bunch of items!! So excited. :)

  10. Chrissy : im excited to try some products from MM too! all i have now are their blushes, i hope they open a kiosk somewhere in the south so its accessible for me. :))

  11. im excited to buy na! hehe nice post :D
    i just followed u, i hope u will follow back
    join my giveaway sis ;)


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