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Friday, April 8, 2011

Soap & Glory : Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion

This is one moisturizer that deserves to be raved about. 


its from Soap & Glory and its called 

Glow Job
Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion

Back in the days when I was still a newbie in collecting and using makeups, I didnt really realize how significant it is to moisturize because I always thought moisturizers are just for people with dry skin. I was wrong, there are lots of kinds of moisturizers out there that would suit each skin type. 

I just started using moisturizers when I noticed there were areas in my face that were dry and there are areas that are too oily, that when i put foundation over those dry areas, it would look ugly and flaky. 

Ive tried several brands of moisturizers and ended up tossing some that either caused me to breakout, didnt really moisturize my face, or made me even oilier. 

To date, I have less than 10 moisturizers that I love and Glow Job is one of them. 

I felt bad for this little baby because the first tube I got was from a set, I wasnt really interested in trying it because I heard that it contains bronzer beads that burst when you start blending the gel creme onto your skin. 

I wasnt really a fan of bronzers because the first bronzer I tried looked muddy on me, instead of making my skin look sexy and glowy, i looked dirty! LOLs!
(But I also love Soap & Glory's Solar Powder, its great for contouring and its not the type of bronzer that goes on orangey or muddy)

How I "discovered" that this is a great product was just by accident, I needed something to moisturize my elbows one time, saw this and grabbed it from my shelf, when i was on the process of rubbing the dollop between my hands, thats when i realized it doesnt look muddy at all, even for those people with light to fair skintones! (Eureka moment!)

Being a cosmetic junkie that I am, I immediately tried it on my face, i loved how it melted in my skin and left it moisturized without the icky, greasy feeling, and it left my face looking dewy, it doesnt have shimmers but it did leave my face looking fresh and dewy. (love!)

Also, the scent is very light, would describe it as citrusy-fresh, reminds me of a bathsoap I once tried but couldnt recall what brand or variant it was. haha!

The packaging is also nice, Ive always been a fan of Soap & Glory's Pin-Up Girl, Retro Theme. Classic and very Feminine. 

It served true to what it said on the tube, Theres just nothing else quite like it! 

Im definitely buying more backups for this, fearing that they might discontinue production soon. hahaha! (paranoid hoarder strikes again... LOL!)

From the tube, it would look like plain old gel creme moisturizer

But when you start blending, you would feel teeny beads that would burst when you blend further..

Looks dirty here huh? But after blending it completely, there wouldnt be any trace of the bronze streaks anymore. Leaving the skin hydrated and radiant. 

one wish though, I hope Soap & Glory products are more accessible to us here in the Philippines so I wont have to pay for expensive shipping from UK/US. :( 

That wraps up my little review for Soap & Glory's Glow Job.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! :) 


  1. That looks interesting. The packaging and label look cute too! =)

  2. Okay. They have the sexy mother pucker lippy and now this glow job moisturizer. Kulit! :P

  3. @blackshirt : their packaging is super nice, even all the other products they have, sobrang pinag-isipan yung packaging.. :) lovelove!

    @pammy : wahahaha! quirky names no? haha! ganda nitong moisturizer na to, pati yung clear here. hehe

  4. wow. soap and glory.. nakakatuwa names ng product nila. and cute ng packaging. been wanting to try their sexy mother pucker lip glosses.

  5. @dollface : their sexymotherpucker gloss is one of the best plumping glosses ive tried so far, too bad theyre not available locally noh?

    i followed your blog.. :)


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