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Saturday, April 23, 2011

STiLA Lip Glaze Sticks

The reason why I love browsing ebay during my free time is because you get to see cheapie deals once in a while. 

A couple of months ago, I was browsing ebay and was lucky to find listings of Stila Lip Glaze Sticks with starting bids of Php 99.00 ($2.00) each, since ive bought Fruit Punch before and loved it much as I adore their clicky-pen type lip glaze, I decided to place a bid on 6 auctions and luckily, I won them at Php 110.00 each (a little over $2.00).

I have read reviews that these lip glaze sticks have more shimmers than the glosses that came in clicky sticks. But i beg to differ, some colors would appear shimmery while on the stick but when applied, the shimmers wont be visible anymore as the shine overpowers the sparkle, while some have just the right amount of sparkle except for Gingerbread. 

I love that the formula isnt sticky (i hate sticky glosses), it moisturizes my lips really well, and application is a breeze since the gloss is soft and glides on the lips with ease.

Here are the swatches :

L to R : 

Vanilla - sheer nude with a bit of shimmer 
 Grapefruit - sheer pink with micro shimmer  
 Apricot - sheer nudy-pinkypeach with a bit of shimmer
 Fruit Punch - sheer pink, pretty much similar to Grapefruit but has a little more shimmer
 Orange - sheer red-orange with a bit of shimmer

Top to Bottom :

Starfruit - sheer rosy-mauve with a bit of shimmer
Gingerbread - sheer bronzegold with chunky gold shimmer (great for nude lippie topper this summer!) 

I always use liptints or sheer lippies before applying these glosses since theyre really sheer. Orange has the best color payoff in this set though, it can be worn alone without liptint or a sheer lipstick underneath. 

There are just 3 things that I dont like about these glaze sticks :

1. You have to be really careful in recapping them, there are several times that i broke the tip of the glosses while recapping. gahh. 

2. Stash it securely in your kit, the cap has the tendency to fall off. Its a bit loose. 

3. You have to keep the glosses somewhere with a cooler temp, some colors "melt"  and becomes lumpy when applied that youd need a lipbrush to spread it evenly. 

Repurchase? Probably not, except when I find other shades that would be put on sale again.

Ever tried these babies? Love them? Hate them? Share your thoughts. 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. sis jap, you are on a roll:P came back from the holy week break to seven new blogs posts from you. nice ebay haul nga :P i love stila's lip glazes too :P

    this is the same emily pala of GT who will be getting the lippie and the BB cream. :P thanks sis!

  2. hi sis ems! :)) wee thanks for reading my entries sis! :) theyre cheap no? who wouldnt get addicted to ebay shopping when you get to score cheapie deals like these. :)

  3. thank you for the swatches! love orange :)

  4. hi crystal! :) i love orange too! i got a second stick of that one! :))

  5. huy sis ems, may utang pa akong P50 sa yo! haha! sorry! will send pag may gcash na sis. :)

  6. natawa ko sayo chel, dito pa talaga sinabi e bwahahah! :D

  7. I like Orange too! :P

    laughtrip tong si Chel. :D

  8. pammy : garapal e no? hahaha! di ako maka-get over tawa padin ako ng tawa, lukaret to si chel e hahah! :D

  9. @ sis chel, okay lang noh. send it anytime convenient sayo :P baka tues mo pa mareceive ur loot ha:P

    @ sis jap: haha ur right nakakatawa nga :P

  10. @ ems and chel - anong transacsiones yan ha? bakit di ko alam yan? hahah! :D

  11. Ako na sasagot. Canmake gradient blush. Na-BI ko si Chel na bilihin eh. :D

  12. aha! sa ebay yan no? winawatch ko rin yun eh! abah abah! ikaw pala dumali nun chel! hahahah! :D


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