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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Wheel

Aside from choosing the right shade of foundie, acquiring the skill of choosing the right concealer and blending it properly is crucial in helping you create a flawless look. 

I breakout once in a while and what do breakouts do? They leave nasty marks on my face. O'Leary Covermark used to be my HG concealer until theyve pulled out the brand from SM/Watsons and replaced it with something thats blah. Not even sure if the brand they replaced it with is actually making more moolah compared to O'Leary before. I heard the brand is still available in HongKong but before I fully used up my last pot of O'Leary, I was introduced to Kryolan (Thanks, Martha!). 

Stuff that caught my interest are the TV Paintstick and the 4ml pot of Dermacolor Camouflage Creme. I ordered rightaway after confirming my shade matches together with the Kryolan Stippling Brush and the ever-so-popular Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder. 

First time I tried the Camouflage Creme, I instantly fell in love. It immediately took the place of my then-HG concealer that is O'Leary. Thinking my 4ml wouldnt last long, I placed an order for the fullsize 25ml pot rightaway. Without even thinking that each application would need just a few swipes of the product and a 3ml pot would prolly last me half a year to use up. LOL! 

For convenience, I got this concealer wheel to create various shades of concealers depending on what I need it for. An impulse buy, I must say since I just saw this at one of the bazaars in SMX and the seller sells 'em cheaper than the Kryolan outlet in Tomas Morato. 

I love that it comes in a durable plastic pan, my only beef is that, theres no specific markings on the container for easier identification of the actual shade code, The label at the bottom of the pan also rubs off easily so expect that the text would fade especially when you carry this around on your makeup kit. 

Those shade texts that you see are made by me using Graphitype Dry Transfer Stickers since I was also clueless of what the actual shade codes are, I was supposed to publish this review yesterday but I had to do a little research first to be able to find the shade codes of the concealers on this wheel. 

I also printed shade codes on the sides of the pan for easier identification even when the cover is off. 

Here's a photo of the 25ml Dermacolor Camouflage Creme. The pot is pretty huge and I wish I just kept my 4ml pot with me so I can just refill it. The plastic they used for this one is breakable, so be careful not to drop it. Pot contains a loooooot of product. I think it would take me years before I use this up. Or prolly this would expire without me even using up even half of it. LOL! 

In terms of packaging design, I like the minimalist approach, no fancy designs whatsoever. Overall, I like their packaging, except that I wish the concealer wheels have shade codes printed on the side for easier identification. 

So as not to confuse everyone, Dermacolor Camouflage Creme is actually a foundie, but since it has great coverage, it can be used as a concealer as well. 

When this Concealer wheel was still new, I remember it says on the back that its Dermacolor Wheel A. Assuming that its suited for people with light to fair skintones, but from the Kryolan website, this wheel is the third from the lightest. 

As is, the formula may be a bit too dry or too creamy. Which would make blending a bit harder, what I do is, I scrape off a small amount of the product, slap it in the back of my hand and warm it there by swirling my finger on it. It would only take a few seconds to "melt" the product to make blending easier. Or use the faster way by running the product under a warm hair dryer. ^_^

The coverage varies, can be light to medium to full, since you can layer to give more coverage or mix with moisturizer to thin it to your desired coverage.  I dont like applying a thick layer of this since no matter how long lasting or crease-free your makeup claims to be, if you put too much on, then it would really have the tendency to settle on fine lines. 

Here are swatches I made at the back of my hand : 

Mind you, those are just light, one-layer swatches and its pretty evident that the coverage is really good. What I love about Dermacolor Camo Creme is that it doesnt feel heavy on the face when applied considering that it provides full coverage.

And unlike my old HG concealer, this doesnt oil up after a few hours. My face just stays dewy and my makeup just looks seamless. This product doesnt oxidize on me too! From the pot, D3 looks too yellow, right? But when applied, it blends to my skintone perfectly creating a clean, seamless canvas.

Dermacolor Camouflage Creme can also be used to conceal birthmarks and tattoos, but please take into consideration that you also need to have a neutralizing shade to cancel out the hues of the tattoo or birthmark first before applying a shade that matches your skintone perfectly. For a guide on how to properly correct skin discolorations, check this article I posted before : Understanding Multitone Correcting

Before everything else, make sure that the concealer is warmed for easy blending and to prevent skin tugging. Also, use a patting motion in blending concealers rather than swiping it to avoid premature development of fine lines especially around the eye area. 

1. As an undereye concealer/brightener
2. Spot Concealing
3. All over Foundie - Mix with moisturizer for lighter coverage. Layer for intensity. 
4. Can be used for the body too! <3

Product lasts about 6hours on me. No blotting needed since it controls oilies really well. 

No breakouts for me. Love! 

Definitely! No regrets on keeping a fullsized pot plus a multi-shade concealer wheel. 

24months. Probably longer with hygienic use. 

The concealer wheel I got for just Php 1500.00 from a Beauty Bazaar at the SMX Convention Center, but if buying from Kryolan Philippines, they sell it for Php 2500.00 (not sure if they increased prices already) 

For the Fullsized 25ml pot, I paid Php 3150.00 for it, the 4ml one costs Php950. 
Product is definitely worth every penny.

Kryolan Philippines 
Business Hours: 10:00am to 7:00pm, Monday to Saturday
(closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.)

Kryolan Store SM North Edsa The Block 


Be sure to Like Kryolan on FACEBOOK so youd be able to see updates and announcements regarding workshops, sales and new product offerings! :) 

PS.  Their Stippling Brush is Love too!! 

Have you tried Kryolan Products? Share your thoughts! :) 



  1. hindi ba sobrang laki nung stippling brush?

  2. @aringkingking : I use a brush guard to adjust the circumference. It works really well for blushes, maganda effect. For liquid foundies okay din sya kaso mas prefer ko brush or fingers or sponges in applying foundies.

  3. okay ba yan sa vitiligo? is the effect same as that of Covermark's?


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