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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lumiere Sculptee De Chanel

As far as i know, this baby hasnt been released in the market yet, the copyright of the name Lumiere Sculptee De Chanel has just been approved and the next step is the launching of this baby in the market. 

Im lucky to have my hands on this before everyone gets the chance to try it. 

Being a sucker for blushes, luminizers and anything that imparts a subtle, healthy glow to the complexion, I was overflowing with excitement when i was unboxing this. 

I love how intricate the design is, but then beauty products that have been pressed with beautiful prints/patterns leave makeup junkies like me with a dilemma -- to touch or not to touch. hahaha! 

 the top has overspray, so at first, this would be really shimmery but once you get to the powder itself, its really sheer and doesnt change the color of blushes/foundies at all. It just leaves the skin with a healthy, subtle sheen that even people who hates shimmer/gleamy makeup would love.  

already touched the middle part which explains why it doesnt have overspray anymore. 
Its nice that it doesnt have chunky shimmer to it unlike most luminizing powders in the market. 

The brush it came with is angled, it has natural hair and I find it soft, usable unlike brushes from other Chanel Makeup Products that come with synthetic hair thats scratchy and is no good in picking up pigments. 

I have no idea how much this would be sold for, but im pretty sure the price would be a little steep since its from Chanel.. ^_^

If it would be sold for around Php 3000 ($ 70.00), I would say this is worth every penny since it contains 13grams of product. Quite a lot considering the Joues Contraste Blushes only have 6.5 grams and sell for around Php2300-2500 ($53-58) here in the Philippines. 

Here's a pic of Sculptee with her sibling Tendres (haha!)

I wasnt able to take swatches yet because I couldnt capture the sheen it gave to my skin after application, will try to do the swatching again tomorrow since it was nearing sunset when I took these pictures this afternoon. 

Will update this post after ive done the swatches. 

Live, Love, Stay Fab!! :) 


  1. is this comparable to meteorites or shimmer brick sis?

  2. @K : the finish is quite different from meteorites (balls) and its not frosty like shimmer brick.

    dont let the overspray fool you, the powder underneath is a sheer, glow boosting powder that doesnt have chunky shimmer, but it does add luminance sa complexion, the closest match nito is Pressed Meteorites in Nacre Des Mers.

    Since it doesnt have shimmer, okay sya to use all over the face. :)


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