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Monday, April 25, 2011

When Temptations Get In The Picture..

Im officially on no-buy mode since yesterday, April 24,2011. 

What made me join this Project is because I dug into my stash of makeups and felt guilty that i already have TOO MUCH makeups sitting in my junkyard (aka. beauty closet, aka. bedroom).

And this morning, just after browsing Sol's online store -- Digital Traincase, I came across 2 products that caught my attention, 

1st : 

NYX Tango with Bronzing Stix $8.95
Create a natural sun-kissed glow with NYX new Tango with Bronzing Stix. This cream bronzing stick can be used both on your face and body. Portable stick applicator makes application a breeze - just apply, blend and go!

it comes in four shades as shown on the photo below, but im only eye-ing 2, Tango and Highlight and Merengue Flush.

I wanna get those two for the simple reason that im currently obsessed (yes, im so inlove) with my Shiseido Accentuating Color Stick in Champagne as it gives a very very nice glow. Thats why im looking for other products that could probably match the quality of sheen that i want but wouldnt break the bank and make my wallet cry for mercy. hahaha! 

2nd : 

NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder $11.39
Create a natural sun-kissed glow with NYX Tango with Bronzer Powder. These mosaic powder bronzers are available in five different patterns that feature various shades of bronze. It can be on face and body. This handy compact is great for use on the beach and on the go!

the reason why I wanna try this one is pretty shallow, I find it tacky that this product looks like a hybrid of Guerlain Bronzers and Too Faced Blusher/Bronzers (which i already have). See images below. Agree? 
First 2 from the left are from Guerlain and the 3rd item is Too Faced Pink Leopard Highlighter

Well we cant blame drugstore brands to copy best selling items from much more expensive brands, theres always a dupe and a cheaper version for almost everything nowadays. :))

Going back to NYX, here are the 5 shade selections for the Tango with Bronzing Powder.

When leopard gets a Tan is cute, it looks pretty much like my Pink Leopard Bronzer from Too Faced, but I still want it so I can compare the two products. 

Among all the US drugstore brands ive tried, NYX so far is one of the top 3 brands that I love, in terms of quality and variety of products you can choose from. 

Now if you're asking if ill break my pact of not buying anything, honestly, im still contemplating. If I ask Hun to buy them for me, will that be considered a cheat? Hahahahahaha! 

For more affordable NYX stuff and other beauty items, browse this Online Shopping Site:

Digital Traincase by Lelila

Do you have the items Im eyeing? Tell me what you think about them, maybe you could help ease this urge to get my hands on those.. :)

PS : More product reviews and swatches laterrr! :)
Smooches and Hugs to everyone!

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! :) 


  1. addict, you blogged about this pa ha, kala ko via twitter lang yun lemming mo haha

  2. I like the whole illustration over here. I really enjoyed this blog posting very different product model design.
    dean graziosi

  3. @ lel - naakit ako masyado haha! :D bakit ba kasi kelangang madami kang magandang tinda? haha!

  4. Bili mo na, di naman mahal ang Nyx, so okay lang :) Obviously etong logic ko ang dahilan bakit di matapos-tapos ang bili ko ng kung anu-ano.

  5. krys : kaso my no-buy mode is regardless of the price eh. it will defeat the purpose na kaya im not buying coz i already have too much stuff in my stash.. hahaha! confusing. grabe haha!


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