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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soap & Glory : Clear Here T-Zone Oil Control Moisturizer

Another product from Soap & Glory that deserves praises. :) 

After seeing how nice Soap & Glory Glow Job is, ive decided to purchase another moisturizer from the same brand. 

its called 

Clear Here

Tired of clogged pores, shine, spots and blotches? Get your…. Clear Here™ T-Zone Oil Control Daily Facial Moisture Lotion.
Cleverly formulated to help: Smooth & protect the skin, prevent blemishes, fight spot-causing bacteria, fight shine, reduce deep down pore clogging and shrink visible pore size.
How do you youth it? The Flawless Frontier: Each morning and evening, cleanse well and rinse, then smooth a generous layer of Clear Here onto your face as well as along and under your jaw line. 

*Description taken from the s&g website*

Another amazing product from S&G. Each time I use this, I only do minimal blotting to none at all, it indeed decreased my oiliness and did make my humongous pores less visible. 

Open pores in my T-Zone was one of the stubborn skin issues i have trouble dealing with before, I dont really wanna go thru facial procedures that would "close" those open pores, thats why Ive tried almost everything to make my pores smaller. 

Of all the topical products that claim to decrease the size of the pores, and to minimize oiliness, I would say this product served its claim really well. 

This can also be used as make up primer coz it dries matte,  i also like that it reminds me of mom's fave bathsoap -- this bears a really mild hint of lavender scent. 

I remember I was the first one who raved about how Saizen/Daiso Charcoal Masks got rid of my stubborn blackheads in my nose, and so far, I never needed to use that anymore since i started using Clear Here religiously before I go to bed at night. 

Id pick this over Glow Job since it does more benefits other than just giving my skin radiance and moisturizing it. 


Ive tested the oil control power of this in 2 separate occasions, 
first, I did my make up at 7am and went home at around 12am (worn my makeup for 17hours, more or less), didnt use a primer underneath my foundie, just this moisturizer. its the first time that i did no touchups, no blotting but my makeup still looks fresh, a little dewy but not dewy that looks oily. 

Day after that, i did my makeup at around 9am (no primer again), went to the Megatent Sale where its really hot and humid, stayed there for about 4 hours, ran some errands, went to Divisoria, had dinner and went home at around 10pm. Checked my makeup and it still looks fine. No retouch, no blotting at all. 

This, now has become my HG Moisturizer! I can ditch my La Mer Moisturizers for this! And im glad i still have 5 tubes of this as backup. For people who suffer from oily skin, this is a must-try. This product certainly "deactivated" my oil mine. I super love this product!!

Some instructions at the back.. 

The packaging is again, a winner, clean and bears S&G's signature retro design and colors. 

The consistency, is pretty much similar to Glow Job, its in Bluish Gel Creme Form and it gets easily absorbed by the skin. 

Now Im dying to try more products from this brand. 

Would definitely search for good deals on ebay for new Soap and Glory babies.. :) 

Thanks for droppin by! :))

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! :) 


  1. Where do you get your soap and glory stuff? They don't have an online store :(

  2. inggit ako sis.. hehehe. sa ebay ka nagpupurchase ng s&g? ^_^

  3. Krys : depends sis, i sometimes buy them from ebay but sometimes i get them for free, binibigay lang. :) i know someone kasi who works from where they make those.. :)

    Dollface : sometimes from ebay sis, and sometimes given for free.. :)

  4. Wow, ang galing naman! :) If ever you have too many Soap and Glory stuff, benta mo na lang sa amin sa GT sis :D

  5. @ Krys : i will sis, if i get extras.. :) Which one are you interested in sis? so i can ask if i can get extras soon? :)

  6. Thanks sis, pabalik-balik ako sa post mo LOL :) I'm interested in a lot of things!

    - Glow Job
    - Wish Upon a Jar
    - Night in Shining Armor
    - Catch a Wrinkle in Time

    Puro moisturizer :)

  7. Krys, hahaha! di maka get over? haha! ganda glow job and clear here.. :) noted the stuff you like, will text you once i get a reply if i can get those for you. mwah! :))

  8. thanks for sharing, might wanna take a look on this in the store, didn't know their product is good :), I am interested in their moisturizer

  9. where to find this sis? i also have oily skin huhu

  10. @aMz88 : I get mine directly from the factory sis :)

  11. hi. hope you could help. been lemming for clear here since i read raves about it. can i order thru you? please contact me at 09154469685. this is abe by the way. thanks!


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