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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Korean Stickers : Just Because I Miss Being A Kid :)

Rain makes me reminisce about stuff, and since it was a Rainy, Lazy Wednesday Afternoon, I was reminiscent of my early teenage days, Ive always loved collecting Stationeries -- Note Pads, Letter Sets, Pens, Stickers, and other trinkets. I love checking out Japanese and Korean Stationeries for their cute designs, I dunno if anyone else would agree, but I believe Koreans and Japanese artists make the cutest stationeries in the market. 

I was browsing eBay a few days ago and I came across listings of Korean Sticker Sets, out upon seeing the detailed pictures of the stickers, I knew I needed to have them rightaway. Haha! So I bought them and they arrived in the mail today. :) 

These stickers can be used in your planners, letters, or wherever. 
I got 10 sets but the seller was able to send just 8 sets. She forgot to include my additional orders, I think. 

So, here's me, making a kiddie blog post sharing my cutesy finds from eBay Philippines. :) 

Cookyshop Cooky's Helloday Version 1 Sticker Set 
got this 8-sheet set for Php180.00 

Cookyshop Cooky's Helloday Version 2 Sticker Set 
this 10-sheet set costs Php180.00

Cookyshop Cooky's Helloday version 3 Sticker Set
this 5-sheet set costs Php108.00 

Also got 2 sets of Planner Stickers
these are Php25.00 per sheet

Dburger Ann's Travel to Europe Sticker Set 
this 6-sheet set costs Php 180.00 

My mom was secretly checking these stickers out when I went to the bathroom to take a shower. These stickers are really cute. 

They remind me of the diary doodles from the Asian Movie Windstruck. 

Im sure grown ups also have simple joys like mine, 
Care to share what you love collecting? 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :) 


  1. hang kyut! san mo naman ilalagay itey? hehe

  2. i so agree with you...they have the cutest stationery pads but then the wordings a bit barok..=)

    mine has to be scrap materials...they look so cute and girly and vintage-y..but then i havent had the time to start actually makiung a scrapbook...crap! hehehe

  3. CUTE :D sugeeh kawaiii ;)

  4. @angelamhiere : i super love them! i just with they came cheaper though haha! :D

    @aringkingking : may small project ako for BF eh, will put them sa pages ng med books nya with short notes. :) pakyut lang hahaha! :D

    @sapphirebelle : I couldnt agree more on the barok translation haha! :D thats the reason why i choose the ones that have korean text rather than those with english wordings. haha! :D

    @aMz88 : couldnt agree more! <3 <3 <3

  5. bakla, send me the link of the ebay seller please!!!!!

  6. So cute! I love stickers. Never really outgrew them, I think.

  7. those stickers are so cute!

    have you ever bought bubble stickers? I'm not sure if that's what they're called, but the sticker is "raised" and feels like a "bump"

  8. @Jackie : cant get enough of korean or japanese stickers, theyre so cute! <3

  9. @Joyce : yess! :) i love bubble stickers too! those ones that are soft and embossed? i love those too! :D

  10. theyre uber cute!!!! :)) I wanna buy too so I can use them for my planner :)

  11. @Ria Hazel : super cute that i dont wanna use them since im afraid i might run out haha! :D

  12. @Ria Hazel : super cute that i dont wanna use them since im afraid i might run out haha! :D

  13. I saw the exact stickers sa Expressions sa SM North Edsa. Pero not all that you posted are available there. And I bought na rin. Yun lang, I don't wanna use them too. :))

  14. @Ria Hazel : niceyyy! : did you notice if merong stickers dun na wala pa dito sa nabili ko? (may balak dumayo bwahaha!) and how much do they sell the stickers for? TIA! :)


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