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Friday, April 8, 2011

HG Alert!!! Phantom Lipstick

I've tried several brands but was never a fan of intuitive cosmetics or cosmetics that react to your body chemistry to give your that "customized" pop of color. 

But today, I think I found my match, from the time I opened its tube, to swiping it in my forearm, to seeing how it yields to the prettiest pink an intuitive product can ever give, I was totally in love. 

And mind you, this isnt a lippie from an expensive brand, its quite impressive that something this beautiful is from a French drugstore brand -- Topicrem that has no history of producing highly-raved cosmetics in the past. 

I googled about this product but wasnt lucky to find any stockphoto or any review about it, only to find out that this hasnt been released in the market yet. Haha! 

Here's a photo of the box, 

Its from the Glamour Care line of Topicrem, and the product is called "Phantom Lipstick" coz it claims to appear in contact with the lips' pH. 

The packaging is quite similar to that of Chanel Cosmetics, except that this fine gold shimmer : 

After opening the Lippie Tube, i was surprised to see this : 

A translucent bright pink pop, with teeny silver shimmer suspended in it. 
Im such a sucker for dolly pink, barbie-ish cosmetics, so imagine how happy I was to see that it doesnt look like any other pink lippie in the market.. :) 

When swatched, it initially looks like this : 

theres just a sheer bite of pink tone and shimmer :) 
but after a few seconds

it becomes the most lovely, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous pink intuitive makeup can ever give!! I almost forgot, i also love that its unscented, and it doesnt have any weird taste/flavor. 

This is far better than Smashbox O-Glow (sorry Smashbox, this product just won me over) 

This lippie is love! 

Here's a photo of the pinkiest it can get for me. 

Lovely, right?

The best part about this, I got 3 pops for free. :) 

and its Paraben-Free!

Though I wasnt able to see reviews about Topicrem beauty products, I do not doubt the quality of this product as this also comes from where they make Chanel, Guerlain and Chantecaille cosmetics 
(i wanna work there as well! so ill always get in early for CCO sales!!! :)). 

There are several products included in the little box I got today, but got really excited after trying this, im sorry i wasnt able to take a pic of the rest of my stash. Was really giddy to rave about this lippie right away.. 

Nothing to hate about this lippie, except for the fact that its not available in the market yet, but im pretty sure 3 pops would last me long though.

How about you, have you tried Intuitive Makeups before? Whats your favorite? Share it! :) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. @chel : look at the last swatch i posted, the lippie screams your name bakla.. :)) sent you a DM on twitter.. mwah!

  2. i really LOVE the shade sis! super fave ko pink lippies... Inggit ako! hehe

  3. @khymm - its really nice lalo na in actual, the shimmer actually isnt that evident when applied, parang sa pop lang sya super obvious, i actually thought nung una, na baka masyadong chunky yung shimmer, but then i was wrong, the sparkles are just enough to make the lippie look prettier when applied. :)

  4. pink + glitters = love!

    around how much is it? :)

  5. @seibufashion : I know right?. :) but its not yet released in the market, so i dont have any idea how much they would sell them for.. Sorry.

    To everyone : are you interested in getting this lippie? If so, send me a PM thru GT or send me an email and we'll see if i can get stocks for these, i was sent 4 pieces lang kasi, keeping 3 for myself and giving one to a good friend.

  6. The lipstick looks cool, I have never seen a semi-transparent one ever. Haha. Nice blog you have here. =)

  7. @blackshirt13 : same here! havent seen anything like it before.. :) thanks for dropping by! :))

  8. @eloisa : im not sure yet if how much would be the retail value of phantom lipsticks, you can send me a PM thru GT and will inform you if i can get more of this lippie.


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