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Monday, April 25, 2011

NARS Liquid Eyeliner in LAKME

Since I want to give my readers a more thorough review of all the beauty stuff Im using, Ive decided to make categories for the points I wouldnt want to miss. :) So there, lets proceed to the review under the new format. Meow.

I have chinky eyes, and my make-up wont be complete without having a good eyeliner with me, Im not a big fan of pencil liners since none of the pencils Ive tried met my standards. I love how cream/gel liners perform, that when used on top of a good eyeshadow base, the formula wont budge. So constantly, like how I search for nice blush and lipgloss shades/brands, im also on the lookout for liquid/gel liners that have good staying power and would withstand my oilmine, or eyelids rather. Rawrr!  

The product review im sharing with you ladies now is a liquid eyeliner I got from eBay, its from NARS Cosmetics and the shade is called Lakme. 

 The product itself comes in a small, bottle similar to that of NARS nail polish. 

*(just to show the size comparison to a standard MAC Lipstick. Cutesy! )*

I find the packaging kinda off, since the brush it came with which looks like this : 

wont be able to reach thru the contours of the bottle, ive tried this product for just about 2-3x, so i have no idea if the contents will slide off the sides of the glass bottle as the volume decreases so that using every drop of this would be a breeze, the bottle's neck is a bit narrow so it would also be hard to scrape the product off the sides if ever you're near using the product all up. To cut it short, in terms of the packaging, im not really a fan, I wish the bottle's neck is a bit wider. 

From the Bottle 

swatched outdoors ; natural daylight

swatched indoors ; under fluorescent light

The shade is pretty much like tanzanite but with bluish - silver iridescence, that does a great job in defining the eyes. the color payoff is great, intensity is buildable. The consistency on the other hand is creamy (similar to the consistency of fresh fluidlines, smooth like butter) not really runny liquid like other liquid liners in the market.

one of the things I dont like about this is -- Its loaded with parabens. 
But i dont mind using it still, its a great product anyway. haha!

You can opt to dip your brush in the bottle, but i prefer using a cotton swab to take some product out of the bottle and swipe my brush in the cotton bud. It works just like any other cream/gel liners out there, dip and swipe. Layer to reach the desired intensity of color. 

 the staying power is superb -- makes me wonder why it isnt available in all NARS counters, this is way better than MAC Fluidlines, and I swear by that statement. Once the product dries, it is literally smudgeproof, under the running water test, it still wont budge. Once its dry, you wont feel like you slapped on something on your lids, it dries to a finish that doesnt make the lids feel tight -- second skin is the perfect way to describe the finish. It performs that way with or without a good primer. Its THAT good. 


I wanna try other colors available, but another bottle of Lakme, I dont think so, since im pretty sure this bottle would last me long. Really long. Since theres a lot of product and I only need a little each time I use it. 

Next shade im eyeing aside from the black one is this : 


If used hygienically, i would say the product would last until its not usable anymore, like when it dries up or when the components start to separate. But for people who choose to dip their brushes directly onto the bottle, prolly 6months-8months would be good. 

I was able to score it for Php 500.00 thru eBay Philippines, that's around $12.00 versus the actual retail value of $27.50. Great deal, isnt it? 

The NARS Cosmetics website carries the product, but comes in just 3 shades : 
Angel Heart (Rich Black), Shake Down (Burgundy) and Showgirl (Gold). 

Anyone else interested in getting this? Lets pool our orders! :)) 

Im dying to have all the shades there is! haha!

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1.'re the queen of ebay deals! XD I can't seem to figure that site out >__< just looking around for 5 minutes makes my head ache..oh well, I guess that's a good thing..XD

  2. aisyah : hahahah! :D thats a good thing, theres too much good stuff on ebay, and sometimes i wish i never knew about ebay at all. haha! :D


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