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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lemming : NYX Jumbo Pencils in ALL colors! :P

i searched ebay for NYX stuff and found that sis SOL sells the cheapest NYX stuff indeed!

then i came across this listing page on ebay which had all the colors of the NYX jumbo pencils

photo credit : bubbles_n_mochi (eBay)

i already have 3 ( Pots n Pans, Cottage Cheese & Milk)

long way to go, i still have to purchase 23 more!

**paging sis SOL hehe**

What i love about the pencils :

the texture is super smooth, easy to apply!
they can be used as eyeshadows, shadow bases, and eyeliners (love!)
** the price! theyre super cheap! (only Php250.00 each!)

staying power is the same as benefit's eye pencils!

NYX's cottage cheese is a dupe of Benefit's mr.frosty IMO.
so i assume Benefit's Bad Gal Eye Pencil is to NYX's Black Bean.

will post a detailed comparison of
Benefit's Badgal vs.NYX's blackbean
Benefit's Mr Frosty vs. NYX's Cottage Cheese

ciao for now! :)


HEY Gorgeous! want cheap NYX stuff?
check this out:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the FiRST.. yey!

yey for my very first blog post! haha!

this loot i got from a good friend, she quoted the lowest prices for each item and didnt tell me shes gonna let me adopt the babies for FREE!

the item on the upper left is from Chantecaille, Sylvie's Personal Palette that is, it looks so pretty that i dont even wanna touch it. wahaha!

but wait, i realized i have it, then might as well use it. haha! :P

here are the swatches

#1 is a base color (matte beige color that looks like it can be used as face pow)
#2 is frosted taupe
#3 is satin brown
#4 is a gorgeous blush!

2,3 and 4 are super pigmented, you just need a light dab on the pan to get a lot of color!

item on the upper right is Soap & Glory's Solar Powder
its a matte Bronzer / shimmer Highlighter Duo that looks so fab, this is the very first bronzer that didnt look muddy on me! im not a big fan of bronzers, but i definitely fell inlove with this one!! perfect sun-kissed look! the bronzer would also work great for contouring, while the highlighter is just perfect to give a touch of golden sun-kissed glow (not too much shimmer! love!).


**will post swatches later, cam's battery is drained :P**

the last item is of course, Guerlain's 03 Beige Lumineux Illuminating Perfecting Pressed powder.

no swatches for this one, prolly an FOTD shot in the coming days. :P

PS : again, pardon the newbie, im bad at describing things, so please bear with me and just enjoy the swatches. pwahaha!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the EMPTY blog

ang mahiwagang blog na walang kalaman-laman.. :P harr!

will be updating this blog with my makeup reviews and anything & everything under the sun.

smooches to everyone! :)