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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A HotPink Lippie That Will Never Be Too Loud

I got this for mom, but was so giddy with excitement that the moment I opened the lippie tube, I wanted to try it first to see if it would pass my Mom's taste for lippies (okay, thats just an excuse,  ahaha! I just wanted to see how this lippie looks like haha!)

This lippie is from T. Le Clerc and its from the Paradise Lipstick Line 

and this lippie I got is shade 02 Rose Transparent,

skeptical at first, i thought it would look like NARS Schiap or any other hotpink lippie I bought (on impulse) before but never really had the chance to wear since i find the hotpink color too bright for my liking. And besides, I rarely wear lipsticks, i usually wear gloss or tinted glosses or lip tints. I wasnt really a fan of the non-sheerness (if theres such word) of most lipsticks. 

On the tube, the color is more like a muted hotpink thats not as bright as NARS Schiap (which is the most fluorescent hotpink lippie ive ever seen thats why im using it as basis of comparison). 

has a hint of sheen to it and smells like MAC lipglass, mild vanilla-ish scent thats not overpowering at all. 
(okay, i have this habit of sniffing my makeups before trying them haha!)

The lippie tube bears T. Le Clerc's signature embossed art. 

the front part of the box. 
the ingredients, its PARABEN FREE! <3 <3 <3

a close-up shot of the lippie pop.

the swatch I "wrote" at the back of my hand.

see how its sheer, like no coverage at all (is that the right way to describe the transparency of this lippie? haha! im clueless!) 

and dont you just love the sheen and the pop of color it gives? vibrant, fresh, but not too loud right? 

This lippie is GOOOOOD! Worn it since this afternoon and it sure did moisturize my lips as well (NOTE : didnt put lipbalm underneath the lippie) 

*WARNING : Picture of lips with Lady Mustache peeking ahead bwahaha!*

I like how it complements my skintone well 
(well I dunno if you guys would agree, thats what I think, just saying it out loud haha!)

This one's definitely a keeper, and I think id be buying myself a pop of this shade, and prolly backups as well coz its really really really nice. 

When worn : 

I super love this lippie! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!!! :)


  1. It looks really nice. Ooh, pouty lips. :P I can't see the lady mustache but I assure you, you're not the only one who has them. :)

    Is it safe to assume that it's like a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip balm?

  2. pammy : i was parang holding back the pout coz i really have humongous lips hahah! theres 'stache peeking on the sides oh haha!

    its safe to say that its like a hybrid ng l/s and a lipbalm minus the waxy texture of lipbalms, its super pretty in actual pammy, cant wait til Chel sees this.. haha!

    if youve tried stila lipglaze sticks, it has the same texture as this, except that this has better staying power. The color is a lil more pigmented din than YSL Gloss Volupte #2 i think, the chilled raspberry variant. <3

  3. Wow nice Sis! quite similar to MAC's Lustering lipstick and I've been wearing it since last month for my everyday look. I just put on eyeliner because it's also a bright pink shade.

    I think we're soul sistahs! hahaha... our tasteare the same.

  4. ganda ng lips mo japjap! at di ko naman din nakikita ang bigote.

  5. ganyan ang gusto kong pink! super pretty talaga sis promise, bagay na bagay sayo! I ENVY your pouty lips haha

  6. OMG, I've been looking for this exact shade but I just couldn't find any... sigh.

    I found a couple of shades similar to this but all of them have shimmers. I want something that is more matte.

  7. @ khymm - thanks sis! :) i think bagay sayo ganyang shade, i love how pink compliments your skintone sis! :) mmwah! mwah!

    @ Hollie - im not really sure if this shade has been released na in the market coz i couldnt find even a single review or a stockphoto considering its really pretty especially in actual. :)

  8. @chel - tenchu bakla! :)) lab mo ko talaga ahahah! :D the teeny teeny hairs are peeking sa gilid, pero kung di naman halata, buti nalang! :D hahaha!


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