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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Foodie Post : Cafe Mediterranean

Had a movie and dinner date with Mom, Dad and Hun earlier, like ive mentioned on my post yesterday (HERE), Hun and I already watched Rio 3D at the Mall of Asia, during the first few minutes that the movie was running, I already knew Mom and Dad would love to see the movie as well, so Hun and I decided to meet up with them in MOA today to watch Rio3D (again.. :P) and to have dinner after. 

We decided to dine at Cafe Mediterranean, Mom and I miss their food, its been ages since the last time we ate there.

All the food we ordered were actually meant for sharing coz we werent actually hungry (we had flavored fries, hotdogs and popcorn inside the moviehouse) but we knew we had to eat dinner before going home, pardon the messy plates because there were four of us digging on those plates. Haha! 

This wasnt actually our initial order, we were supposed to have Greek Salad (we always order this whenever we eat at CM) 
And when the waiter served this, our first impression was "it looks interesting". It doesnt look like a traditional salad. But heck, it tastes sooooooo good! And its so simple that I wanna do the recipe at home! Serving was ample but it would surely prep the palate and its really good for a meal starter, the combination of the tartness of the tomatoes, the salty-creaminess of the cheese, the kick of the spice from the pickled chilies to the aromatic taste of the olive oil glaze, this salad is heaven!
Greek Salad would be my 2nd favorite now, will surely order this the next time we dine at CM.

This one's actually my order, Ive been craving for Zucchini and Cheese for how many weeks now and this sure is a better fix than the Zuch and Cheese I was dreaming about. Hahaha! 
My apologies for not being able to take a pic while it was still untouched haha!
We got so excited coz after the salad, this was the next thing they served at our dinner table, it looked so yummy that we decided to start munching on it rightaway haha! 
In my opinion, this is a less-sinful treat for people who crave (or love) lasagna, this tastes much like lasagna, the eggplant is tender, tastes like soft lasagna sheets actually. The top is crunchy with parmesan, the sauce and the mozzarella cheese on the inside is pure gooey yumminess! I figured this would be great for kids too, they wont even notice theyre eating veggie already.

Another item I ordered after asking the waiter which dish would go well with our Eggplant Parmigiana, this is a veggie burger, the patty is made of grilled mushroom (i think, also forgot to ask what kind of mushroom was used). This is also good, but since its a mushroom burger, I honestly made a comparison and loved the one from Mushroom Burger (from the mushroom farm in Tagaytay) better. If youre craving for burger, this wont actually fix your craving, the patty thats supposed to be "seasoned to taste like beef" is a total failure in my honest opinion, when I tasted it, its just like mushroom and cheese panini, nothing special. Quite expensive too compared to all the dishes we ordered, this one is not worth my Php 265.00. The fries was freshly cut potatoes and they were crunchy on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside, its good, if thats any consolation for how bad the burger is. 

I forgot to check how much this costs, also forgot to take a picture of it from the menu book. This pasta dish is Dad's pick, its Baked Salmone in Linguine. This one tastes good but I dont really love it, the sauce has a dash of curry I think, which made it aromatic, I just tasted this so I cant say anything much about it coz I didnt quite like it, I find the sauce too rich for my liking.  

Beef Kebab with Buttered Rice 
around Php 245.00

This one's hun's pick, the serving was huge, and as usual, the kebab was great (I always order chicken kebab before), the meat was tender, the seasoning was just right, and upon adding the garlic sauce and spicy sauce (dunno what its called), this dish would be perfect. Again, forgot to take a pic of this while it was still untouched, hahaha! This is good, a must try. 

Going to the best part of the meal, DESSERT!!!! ^_^

Again, not the first option but then became an instant favorite, we were supposed to order Mango and Orange Panna Cotta but the waiter said that we should try this coz this replaced Mango PannaCotta's throne as the Best Seller. Indeed, it was good! The syrup has a hint of orange, cinnamon and brown sugar, it has a slight tartness to it, paired with the silky, creamy panna cotta, this dessert won us over, we wanted more, but figured it would be over indulgence already since we already ordered two. haha! Will try to replicate this recipe this weekend. hahaha! 

The overall dining experience was good, the cleanliness of the place, the ambience, the speedy service, the food, everything was good (except for the burger haha!). 

Will definitely dine at Cafe Mediterranean again, craving for the Egyptian Spiced Orange and Raisins upon typing this. Argh! 

Have you tried eating at CM? What are your faves? Share it! :) 

Have a Peaceful and Meaningful Holy Week Everyone!

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! :)

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