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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why do they have to be so cute?

Bath and Body Works' Spring Collection 2011 

Jellybean Edition PocketBacs! 

These babies are just so cute! 

When will they ever stop making kitschy pocketbac designs? 
The cupcake edition got me hooked, now theres The Jelly bean edition. Argh! 

Available in Three, Mouth Watering Jellybean Flavors, oh! Scents! :)) 

Sour Grape

*tangy but juicy delicious green grapes 
(sounds yumm!)

Sassy Strawberry 

*sweet and mouthwatering strawberry 
(cute, but not interesting, the strawberry cupcake failed me. *sob)

Crushed Berry

*juicy and refreshing mixed berry
(now this sounds better than the strawberry variant, and its blue!) 

Dont you just love Bath and Body Works' PocketBacs? 

I just wish they arent overpriced when they get here, im definitely getting a bunch of these. 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! :) 


  1. how's the smell? hindi naman nakakahilo? hehe

  2. cuteeee
    i love bath and body works :)

  3. That's what's keeping me from buying. I think they are way overpriced here. But those are cute indeed!

  4. @seibufashion : i dont have them yet, have no idea if they smell good or not.. :))

    @meow : i love bath and body works too! :)

    @chel : yepyep! nakakainis to see that its being sold for Php90-P100+ here. 75 is reasonable pero naman, 90+, kahit printed on the label na its $1.50 lang, and BBW does promos all the time, get 5pcs for a certain price. argh. makes me wanna fly there and hoard, kaso pano ko masusundan yung bagong release na scents diba. haha!

  5. jap, one has to consider din kase that these items are shipped via balikbayan box, medyo matagal mastock pera ng mga sellers, so aside from a marginal profit, have to consider din yun tagal na "natulog" the investment.

    the bbw's i ordered nga, took me 2 months to receive, but not for sale, personal consumption lang.

    matagal magship si bbw, naiwanan tuloy ng isang box ko, by that time, need na naman magpuno ulit ng new items hehe.

  6. yepp lel! i used to order din online sa bbw before, and yeah antagal nga nila magship! naalala ko andami na dito nung inorder ko na limited ed na scent, pag dating nung akin dito super tagal, sana dito ko nalang binili. wahahahaha! was just parang making a comparison na mas better to buy directly (if may access)kasi some resellers do have these items sent via balikbayan boxes which explains the high mark up, na reasonable na din naman kahit pano, kaso ang liit ng pocketbacs, kaya medyo mas ramdam ko yung difference ng price. hahaha! :))

    grabe tong BBW, they come out with new scents sobrang dalas. parang di ata matatapos lemming ko haha!


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