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Friday, April 29, 2011

An Ode To A Japanese Drugstore Brand That I Love..

The First time I tried this brand was few years ago when I was browsing thru GT's lyng's list of items in the beauty bazaar, she had her Canmake Cheek and Highlight Duo in Peach Cream for sale.

Being a sucker for shimmery blushes, I felt the urge to purchase it, it was priced at around Php350.00 ($8.00). That was the first time ive heard about the brand. 

Enough of the brief background, now lets go back to my review and swatches for the Canmake stuff I currently have. ^_^

Canmake Items are housed in clear/transparent acrylic compacts, some may find them flimsy, some may find them cheap, but I dont care, the contents are just oh so kawaii and I couldnt get enough of them.. ^_^

To date, I only have 3 Canmake blushes at hand, but the collection will surely grow soon, as ive researched about their blushes and found a bunch more that caught my eye.. :))

What I love about blush duos/gradients, is the fact that the intensity of the color and sheen is customizable. So its like owning a number of blushes in one pan. Clever isnt it? 

First on the spotlight is Canmake Cheek & Highlight Duo in 06 Strawberry Cream 

06 is a duo of Shimmer Carnation Pink Blush and Pearl Pale Pink Highlighter

Next is the Canmake Cheek and Highlight Duo in 02 Peach Cream 

02 is a combination of Coral Pink (pretty much like NARS Orgasm) and Pale Peach Pearl Highlighter


Over the two Cheek and Highlight duos I own, Strawberry Cream is more pigmented than the other. What I love about the blushes is that theyre hard to overdo, it gives a very subtle color with a healthy sheen. The texture of the powder is awesome, silky and not chalky. Way better than Jill Stuart Mix Blushes in my honest opinion.

Only beef is that, they do crumble easily, you have to be easy with your brush.


This one I got as a gift, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts.. :) 

Its the Canmake Cheek Gradation Blush in 
06 Candy Stripe

Cheek Gradation in 06 is a combination of 4 shades
(that reminds me of Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot, and oh, strange coincidence they both bear 06 shade numbers!)
first is a layer of shimmery tangerine shade, a layer of shimmer carnation pink,
a strip of shimmer pale pink and a strip of pearl highlighter. 

Couldnt see the highlighter in the photo above so I decided to take another picture focusing on the pearl highlighter this time. 

Just like the Cheek and Highlight Duos, the powder is Silky, the blushes blend to a nice healthy peachy pink vibrant flush with a subtle hint of shimmer (opposing the impression that this looks super shimmery judging how it looks in the pan). 

These blushes do have chunkier bits of shimmer other than the finely milled pearlescent shimmer blended into the colors. Probably a turn off for those who dont like shimmers, but definitely a plus for me since I love how it brightens the overall look. The shimmers are barely noticeable after blending anyway. 

Unfortunately, I couldnt read Japanese characters so Ive no idea if its the ingredients thats written on the back of the compact, and the ingredients are also not published on their website.

Just another swipe and blend blush. Shade outcomes are fully customizable, feel free to explore which ratio of cheek to highlighter works best for you. :))

Not expecting much from a drugstore brand, anticipate to have the need to do touch ups every 2-3 hours or so. (considering how humid our weather is)

My skin absolutely loves Canmake Blushes! Im wanting more! 

Yes. And I also have to have the other shades! 

*photos courtesy of Of Toys and Tokyo *

wasnt able to grab photos of the Cheek Gradation blushes but i also want a couple of shades from that line. 

Heres a little peek on my Canmake shopping list (after my no-buy phase has been lifted) 

now Im starting to feel that the rebound of my no-buy phase will kick me real hard in the a**. haha! 

Powder Blushes, so I would say 12-18months would be good, as long as with proper hygienic care to the beauty tools you use with this. 

800 yen for the Cheek Gradation Blush (Php 750.00 from a local reseller) and 
680 yen for the Cheek and Highlight Duo (Php 650.00 from a local reseller)

Sasa in HongKong carries the brand. Leading Drugstores in Japan, I suppose and WeHaveIt43 for the local reseller here in the Philippines. 


These are few of the things that make me want to live in Japan. :D apart from the kokeshi dolls that's my primary reason why I wish I was Japanese. haha! *babaw* haha! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. Ako din, I want to be Japanese! I really love Jap cosmetics, mapa drugstore o department store pa.

  2. chel, paconvert tayo! :D hahah!

  3. Gotta love Jap cosmetics. The quality is really amazing. Walang binatbat US drugstore cosmetics sa drugstore ng Japs. :P

    Punta tayo Japan and mamili ng mukap nila!

  4. pammy : may plano talaga akong gawin yan. winner talaga japanese drugstore cosmetics. no match sa US drugstore brands talaga.

  5. these shades are so pretty! wish they had them in stores so i can try them out before buying :)

  6. Hi,what a coincidence I also buy from wehaveit43- I also love this Japanese drugstore brand kiss heroine make-up line usually their, eyeliners and mascara. I haven't tried canmake though I've heard a lot of good stuff from them. I guess, I'm gonna try them. I usually use the faceshop baked illuminator/blush but after a few hours-the color is gone and the glitters are all that's left.

  7. I believe that Japanese cosmetics are "pang-maganda." By this, I mean women who have beautiful skin and can get away with light and sheer makeup.I have never met you but I have a feeling you fit in this category.:)Alas, women like me need everything--foundation,bronzer,concealer,lightening stick, makeup base,full coverage lipstick, etc.These blushes look lovely but I'm afraid they wouldn't show up on me at all.I had a Canmake blush a couple of years ago but I gave it away kasi parang wala lang akong suot.May I know what your favorite blush is (brand and shade)?

  8. khymm : go get some! the colors are super cute! :)

    fashioneggplant : i wish the brand becomes locally available in the Philippines soon! (just like Majolica Majorca) :)) i followed your blogs! :)

    Whizzers Rose : I havent bought from wehaveit43 yet sis, but im planning to get the other canmake blush shades thru her as well since the price is close to Sasa HK's price :) Their store offer lots of nice brands noh? really hard to choose which ones to get haha! :D btw, i followed your blog.. :))

    Dinnah : i also wish i was as makinis as the japanese girls are, they look like porcelain dolls! :D id have to agree that most of their blushes offer sheer finish, which would look best on people with light to medium skin tones, the pigmentation of the products are also inconsistent, some are pigmented and some are much sheerer, I still love the brand though, i feel that their products are nicer than Jill Stuart Blushes when talking about the texture and lasting power, :)

  9. Judging from the makeup that you use (mga pang-maganda:)), mala-Japanese doll ka din siguro. Love your posts as they are very informative and really helpful. Keep up the good work and more power to you.

  10. Thanks for following mine:-), I have tried getting from her 2x one was for a bbcream, skin79 and the other for Majolica Majorca Mascara. I'm very tempted to buy from her again, but I still have a lot of stuff that I got from HK last year that I haven't even opened yet so it might be a while pa before I order again.

  11. I want everything from Canmake!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dinna : i really hope i was that pretty and makinis to pass as a japanese doll clone. haha! :D thanks sis for those kind words and for reading my posts! :) God bless you <3 <3 <3

    Whizzers Rose : Im thinking of buying from her too, RMK foundations since its significantly cheaper to buy from her than to buy directly from HK or Japan.. :)

    K : go get the blushes! theyre really nice sis! :)


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