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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catalina Geo Primer : HG Potential

Been lazy the past few weeks, that i neglected my poor, empty blog. rawwr.. :(

Since i work from home, i have the chance to make a rundown on Primers and Foundies in my makeup stash.

Being OC, i made a schedule for which primer + foundie combo id use each day for the next 2 weeks.

digging through my stash of Foundies and Primers, i found something i bought from my HK trip last June, and i totally forgot i have these :
Catalina Geo Color Capsule Primer

Catalina Geo offers a world first with its colour Capsule Makeup Base and Essence. Benefits are UV filters, it moisturises the skin, is oil free and non-allergenic. It applies smoothly and evenly providing a perfect base for makeup to last all day. Comes in 3 shades, each offering different benefits.
(Description copied from the Lafine Website)

Im bad at remembering the prices of stuff, but the primers are always on a Buy 2 for the Price of 1 promo.

so i got 2 bottles of the green variant and 2 bottles of the purple variant.

I dunno why i cant seem to find more reviews (other than 2) for this product when i search google but this primer works far better than other cheapie primers ive tried.

i love that it controls oilies pretty well (had my makeup on for 8hours already) and i dont think i need to blot yet, it gives a matte finish, it evens out the skintone, its oil free, it moisturizes and it looks like Guerlain's primers! haha!

it has a touch of scent of grandma's ancient makeup though :P
sorry but i dont really know how to describe the scent, but i find it tolerable, since the scent fades few minutes after application, (or my olfactory senses got immuned to it already?) haha!

another thing, im afraid these primers would work best on people with MAC NC30 and lighter skintones.. :( hope theyd come up with shades that would also work for tan beauties out there.

Overall, i give this product 4 out of 5 stars. :)

Catalina Geo by the way is a product line of
Lafinè Cosmetics Australia