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Saturday, April 2, 2011

♥ Cupcakes and Glitter ♥

I came across pocketbacks a number of times whenever i visit Cash and Carry, my mom was fan and would regularly buy loads and loads of this in different scents. It took a while when I finally gave in and bought some coz I gave them as a part of my "Essentials Kit" Christmas present for my girlfriends. 

I initially bought PocketBacs in 2 scents : Red Velvet and Lemon Glaze, since I wasnt really interested in keeping some for myself, I didnt even bother to check how they smell like until around Feb this year when I found several bottles "sleeping" in my junk yard (aka. my bedroom) hahaha! 

First time I got a whiff of Red Velvet -- I fell in love, and when I tried Lemon Glaze, i fell in love even more. This is where the hunt for all five scents of these Bath and Body Works Cupcake Edition Hand Gels started. 

Ive been looking around Ebay.Ph for how long, but I wasnt lucky to find any who have multiple stocks of these elusive handgel scents. 

It was just the other day when I found one seller who had loads and loads of stocks for these babies, but to my dismay, I think the babies are a lil overpriced, these handgels usually sells for Php 75.00 - Php 85.00 (around $1.50) each, but he sells them for Php 110.oo each, wait I just realized I shouldnt be complaining at all since I gave in and bought them inspite of the high mark-up anyway. 

Here's a group photo of my little collection :)

I was excited in trying them out but was a little disappointed with how the Strawberry variant smells like -- happen to ever rode a cab that has strawberry scented car freshener? this is the car freshener's long lost twin. Ack. 
I wish the strawberry scent was milder and not too overpowering, it made me feel dizzy just by taking a quick whiff of it.. 

The Blue Chiffon variant is true love for me, from this set, this bears the mildest, not-so-sweet, vanilla-ish scent. So far, this is the best 
vanilla scent ive ever met.  

This one's another fave, cant use it when mom's around though, 
she doesnt like the scent of lemon and vanilla combined, but for me, this scent is a must have for people who loves the lemon and vanilla combo -- if you are familiar with how BBW Hello Sugar! smells like, it is quite similar to this, smells like freshly baked lemon cheesecake. Yums!

Red Velvet : this bears the most cake-ish "flavor" of them all, it has this strong 
sorta warm nutty scent, the scent makes me crave for red velvet cupcakes. I dunno how to describe the scent actually, i just think its the cake-iest of them all. Rawr! 

Cupcakes and Glitter  ♥

see that these hand gels have teeny glitters floating?
I have this thing for glittery body mists and hand gels
(lemme share a lil secret, i used to put a dash of clear glitter powder on my BBW Sweet Pea hand gel tee hee!)
now there goes the inner kiddo in me.. hahah! 

here's a pic, i hope i captured the little sparkles these handgels have. 

... closer

Isnt it neat that they came up with hand gels that hang inverted? makes it easier to get the product out of the bottle.

And before i forget, here's the reason why I didnt fall for BBW pocketbacs when i first saw them. 

PURELL Hand Gels! ive had this "twins" for around 4 years now, and i love how the rubber holder feels much much more sturdy than BBW's. Purell's also have Braille embossed on both sides of the rubber holder, NEAT! The scent though is just plain generic uhmm.. hand sanitizer. plain crisp and lemony. :)

Now you know where BBW prolly got the idea huh? :)

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :))


  1. naamoy ko na yung strawberry. nahilo ako. :)

  2. @ seibufashion : i actually thought it was just me who find the scent too overpowering, may nakakarelate din pala. nahilo rin ako. di ko tuloy alam gagawin ko with them, i bought 5 pa naman, nagsisi ako, couldve bought additional blue chiffon and lemon glaze instead. :(

  3. @seibufashion, i followed you by the way! :))


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