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Friday, December 18, 2009

Growing Addiction

Hey there sisters!

Was inspired by my 50 followers to update this blog again! weee!

confused smileys

Wonder whats behind the title of this entry?

its because i got my 3rd loot of NYX stuff from Lelila this morning and i fell inlove!!

Happen to see the brand all over and when i was in the States before but i just ignored them thinking theyre no good.

But since reviews were all over GirlTalk, i decided to give it a try.

first batch i ordered were several shades of the Jumbo Pencils -- which were nice, but i dont get to use often coz im not used to putting eyeshadows everytime i go out.
(this explains why my lemming to own all colors just died)

here's my mini NYX collection (which will definitely grow bigger soon rawwr):

NYX Round Glosses:

L to R :
Strawberry -- Ballerina Pink -- Peach

from L to R:

(pardon me but im super bad at describing colors, but ill do my best, promise hehe!)

Strawberry - sheer dolly pink with chunkier shimmer than ballerina pink.

Peach - fresh pinky peach tone (my fave!! gives the freshest hue to my lips!)

Ballerina Pink - dolly pink with fine shimmer

What i LOVE:
** no stickiness at all
** colors are super nice!!
** not sure if it moisturizes but it doesnt make my lips dry/chapped
** for the price, staying power is pretty good!
** they come cheap! (Php 200.00 each!)

What i HATE:
** theres just 1 thing i dont like about NYX round glosses, im kinda overwhelmed by the scent that reminds me of lemon dishwashing liquid hehe!

NYX Megashine Glosses :

from Top to Bottom:

Beige -- Perfect -- Pink Frost

from L to R :

Beige - Mauvey Nudey Pink ( great MLBB shade!)

Perfect - sheer nude with shimmer (best MLBB shade for those with naturally pigmented lips!)

Pink Frost - soft pink with fine shimmer ( i use this to tone down the color of dark lippies)

What i LOVE:
** love this for all the same reasons i stated on the round glosses! (
** the scent! smells like BigBoy Bubblegum (do you remember this girls? hehe)! yummy!

What i HATE:
** and theres nothing about megashine glosses that i hate.. :)

NYX Creme Blushes :

Top : Natural
Left : Glow
Right : Hotpink

from L to R :

their names speak for themselves.. hehe!

Natural - im not sure if i like this shade, but it nice and it looks uhmm.. yeah, natural, gives a soft color on the cheeks. i prefer bolder shades of blushes.

Glow - glow!! better than NARS Pennylane IMO.

Hotpink - in terms of the consistency, i noticed this is the creamiest among all three (the other two have balm-ish cream consistency), would actually form stiff peaks when you dip your finger/brush in it.. in actual, this looks a lil close to the scaryness of NARS Cactus Flower from the pan, but when applied, it is super nice, it is best to use a stippling brush for this one though coz its really pigmented, one pan would last a long time for sure!

What i LOVE:
** the consistency -- theyre not oily/goopy.
**very easy to blend
**nice shades
** no fragrance
** staying power is also good! it gets a 4 out of 5 for me!
** again, the price, Php 360.00 each!!

What i HATE:
NONE! :)

And that sums up my post regarding NYX stuff!!

Expect more posts this coming days sweeties!

Peace & Love!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why be an eBay addict?

I just have to rave about this sisters!

dont you just love bargains?

i woke up with a big smile on my face coz the first thing i saw was a package lying beside me!! hahaha!

and look what it has inside :

im a real sucker for glosses! (not as much as i love blushes though hehe)

gotta love those fresh colors!!
have yet to try how sheer or pigmented they are though,
but im sure ill fall inlove with them!

and heres the best part, i got the set for just Php 600.00!

yes!! its 600 pesos for a set of 3 full-sized stila lipglazes!!

whatelse can be better than that

this is the main reason why ebay (both US and PH) can be so addicting!!
you get to scout cheapie finds once in a while!

Im one happy girl!!

Peace and Love!

Glitter Liners are LalaLOVE! :)

AND it took me forever to create another entry hahaha!
Sorry dear followers, been really busy lately..


Since im currently obsessed with glittery, shiny, shimmery liners, I might as well post a review plus swatches of Korean glitter liners i have

(left to right)
Dreamgirls Shimmer Black Liner
Etude House Teardrop Liner #2 (pearly silver)
Etude House Teardrop Liner #1 (peach)
Dreamgirls Shimmer Pearl Liner


Pearl Liners : (Etude House sells for around Php 400.00 each from Korean Cosmetic Resellers while Dreamgirls sells for Php 199.00 each @ Watsons) and I actually thought Etude House will win over Dreamgirls (always thought the pricier it is, the better quality I get), but I was wrong, tested both AGAIN today for the Nth time, and its quite obvious that after some rough rubbing, Dreamgirls is still intact (no smudging, no transferring of shimmers) while EH is close to being invisible already (roarrr!), EH made it look like i just got some stray glitter that got stuck in my arm haha!

Trick : apply a streak of this on the outer corner of the lower lashline and you'll create that perfect teary-eyed look that instantly makes the eyes look brighter! :) (achieve the same effect using the silver variant and the result is just as fab!) for this, i recommend buying Dreamgirls and just ignore the cuter, sleek packaging of Etude House.. haha!

Etude House Silvery Pearl Liner (#2)

this one actually has a slightly improved staying power than the pearl variant, and i dunno why.. i love it ONLY because i havent seen any brand that carries the same color/product with a better staying power. haha! so girls, if you happen to know another brand that has a better version of this one, please let me know. *winks*

back to my review for the silvery-pearl liner, i love it coz it has silvery gold shimmers that look fab especially with neutral eyeshadows. tried applying a very thin layer of it on top of my brown and black liners and it looked FAB!!
like ive mentioned above, this looks great when applied for a teary-eyed effect too!

Dreamgirls Shimmer Black Liner

this one i truly love! i cant go out without black liner on my upper lashline, or else id look like ive just gotten out of bed. hahaha!

but with this, it gives the traditional flat black liner a special twist thru its fine gunmetal-colored shimmer.

a lil more pop for those lovely peepers indeed!

for those who wants to know if this can be worn alone, check the swatches for my answer :

another shot:

1. Dreamgirls Shimmer Black
2. Dreamgirls Shimmer Pearl
3. Etude House Teardrop #1
4. Etude House Teardrop #2


so there, Dreamgirls shimmer black is too sheer to be used alone (i prefer intense black liners), but it looks as fab when applied on top of your favorite black liner (would work with grey liners too!).

as you can see on the swatches, #2 and #3 are twins!!

and the swatch for #4 doesnt do justice for how cute it looks in actual!
(sorry im bad at photography haha!)

So there, i hope this blog entry somehow enlightened you girlies on which ones to buy.. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to read my posts! :)

Peace and Love!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catalina Geo Primer : HG Potential

Been lazy the past few weeks, that i neglected my poor, empty blog. rawwr.. :(

Since i work from home, i have the chance to make a rundown on Primers and Foundies in my makeup stash.

Being OC, i made a schedule for which primer + foundie combo id use each day for the next 2 weeks.

digging through my stash of Foundies and Primers, i found something i bought from my HK trip last June, and i totally forgot i have these :
Catalina Geo Color Capsule Primer

Catalina Geo offers a world first with its colour Capsule Makeup Base and Essence. Benefits are UV filters, it moisturises the skin, is oil free and non-allergenic. It applies smoothly and evenly providing a perfect base for makeup to last all day. Comes in 3 shades, each offering different benefits.
(Description copied from the Lafine Website)

Im bad at remembering the prices of stuff, but the primers are always on a Buy 2 for the Price of 1 promo.

so i got 2 bottles of the green variant and 2 bottles of the purple variant.

I dunno why i cant seem to find more reviews (other than 2) for this product when i search google but this primer works far better than other cheapie primers ive tried.

i love that it controls oilies pretty well (had my makeup on for 8hours already) and i dont think i need to blot yet, it gives a matte finish, it evens out the skintone, its oil free, it moisturizes and it looks like Guerlain's primers! haha!

it has a touch of scent of grandma's ancient makeup though :P
sorry but i dont really know how to describe the scent, but i find it tolerable, since the scent fades few minutes after application, (or my olfactory senses got immuned to it already?) haha!

another thing, im afraid these primers would work best on people with MAC NC30 and lighter skintones.. :( hope theyd come up with shades that would also work for tan beauties out there.

Overall, i give this product 4 out of 5 stars. :)

Catalina Geo by the way is a product line of
Lafinè Cosmetics Australia

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lemming : NYX Jumbo Pencils in ALL colors! :P

i searched ebay for NYX stuff and found that sis SOL sells the cheapest NYX stuff indeed!

then i came across this listing page on ebay which had all the colors of the NYX jumbo pencils

photo credit : bubbles_n_mochi (eBay)

i already have 3 ( Pots n Pans, Cottage Cheese & Milk)

long way to go, i still have to purchase 23 more!

**paging sis SOL hehe**

What i love about the pencils :

the texture is super smooth, easy to apply!
they can be used as eyeshadows, shadow bases, and eyeliners (love!)
** the price! theyre super cheap! (only Php250.00 each!)

staying power is the same as benefit's eye pencils!

NYX's cottage cheese is a dupe of Benefit's mr.frosty IMO.
so i assume Benefit's Bad Gal Eye Pencil is to NYX's Black Bean.

will post a detailed comparison of
Benefit's Badgal vs.NYX's blackbean
Benefit's Mr Frosty vs. NYX's Cottage Cheese

ciao for now! :)


HEY Gorgeous! want cheap NYX stuff?
check this out:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the FiRST.. yey!

yey for my very first blog post! haha!

this loot i got from a good friend, she quoted the lowest prices for each item and didnt tell me shes gonna let me adopt the babies for FREE!

the item on the upper left is from Chantecaille, Sylvie's Personal Palette that is, it looks so pretty that i dont even wanna touch it. wahaha!

but wait, i realized i have it, then might as well use it. haha! :P

here are the swatches

#1 is a base color (matte beige color that looks like it can be used as face pow)
#2 is frosted taupe
#3 is satin brown
#4 is a gorgeous blush!

2,3 and 4 are super pigmented, you just need a light dab on the pan to get a lot of color!

item on the upper right is Soap & Glory's Solar Powder
its a matte Bronzer / shimmer Highlighter Duo that looks so fab, this is the very first bronzer that didnt look muddy on me! im not a big fan of bronzers, but i definitely fell inlove with this one!! perfect sun-kissed look! the bronzer would also work great for contouring, while the highlighter is just perfect to give a touch of golden sun-kissed glow (not too much shimmer! love!).


**will post swatches later, cam's battery is drained :P**

the last item is of course, Guerlain's 03 Beige Lumineux Illuminating Perfecting Pressed powder.

no swatches for this one, prolly an FOTD shot in the coming days. :P

PS : again, pardon the newbie, im bad at describing things, so please bear with me and just enjoy the swatches. pwahaha!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the EMPTY blog

ang mahiwagang blog na walang kalaman-laman.. :P harr!

will be updating this blog with my makeup reviews and anything & everything under the sun.

smooches to everyone! :)