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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sexy Motherpucker Lip Shaping Crayon

I was already a fan of Soap and Glory's Sexy Motherpucker Plumping Lipgloss when I decided to purchase this, I was skeptical at first because I didnt really like the color based on the pictures the seller posted. 

I found it too dark for my liking. But since I didnt have anything else to order apart from the Clinique Almost Lipstick I got, I decided to get these (i got 4 pieces haha!) to maximize the shipping fee I had to pay. 

The seller only had one shade - Baby Pink Lips, what made me hesitate at first was because the shade (based on the picture) doesnt really look baby pink at all, I swatched this immediately after I opened my package, upon drawing a small line at the back of my hand, i was still disappointed coz it indeed looked a bit dark for my taste. 

So i decided to give it to mom since she's a fan of nudey-pinky lippies, she was too lazy to swatch it so she asked me to try it on my lips so she could see how it looks when applied. 

Next thing I knew, I wanted to keep the other 3 sticks I got. It looks really really really pretty and flattering. The color just complements my skintone, this is one of the best MLBB (my-lips-but-better) lippies ive tried. Upon application, this imparts a minty, cooling feeling but is not big on the plumping effect at all. Looks good when worn alone, non-drying (even without a base), offers a hint of sheen, smells minty, and the staying power is awesome, lasts around 3-4 hours after drinking/eating. 

Since I have last 2 pops left, I think Im getting more from ebay again. :) 

Oh, before I forgot, its el-cheapo! Php 275.00 ($6.00) a stick. Loves it! 

Live, Love, Stay Fab!! 


  1. wow! that's pretty cheap! I sooo wanna try..=D
    can I know the link of the ebay seller please? thanks!

  2. Aylavet! Will buy din, kasi gaya-gaya ako haha

  3. nice shade! btw, what nice lips you have! :)

  4. aisyah : you should try it! its really pretty. will message you for the link, will have to check ebay for it.. :))

    krys : go sis! :D ang ganda ng shade nyan sa lips, ang layo ng ichura when swatched and from the stick mismo.

    diaryofalatebloomer : thanks sis! :)) the shade is really nice, even for those who doesnt like wearing lipsticks since it looks very natural.

  5. get yours na while theres still 5 left sis aisyah. Here's the link :

  6. thanks a lot for the link babyjap! ^_____^ i'll go check it out now!

  7. no prob aisyah! :) thanks for following my blogposts! :)


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