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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Vanity Nook :)

Just thought of sharing how my vanity nook looks like, its nothing too special, but I love it since everything I need is accessible when I sit in front of that mirror. 

I wanted the working area to be a little narrow coz I have this habit of leaning towards the mirror so i can do my eye makeup (aka. mascara, falsies and liner) perfectly. I didnt want those ready-made dressers because i find them too bulky and wont even fit all my makeups in the built-in drawers. Wanting to have that continuity in design, i asked our finishing carpenter to build me this little vanity nook in one of the corners of this room. 

Wanted to have shelves beside it so I can store basically everything that I need there (im still waiting for them to build the "doors" for the shelves to keep dust off my beauty stuffies).

Here's what I have atop the vanity table, boxes that houses my makeups. 

Here's how it looks like when the lamp is turned on : 

as you can see, there are actually 3 mini-halogen bulbs in that lamp I got from Shopwise (Php 4500.00), 2 of the bulbs are busted as of this time though, I ran out of spare bulbs haha! That lighting fixture replaced my Ikea Musik Wall Lamp, I like this set better. 

I also numbered the boxes so I can list down what each of them have inside 

1 - falsies 
2 - more falsies 
3 - blushes 
4 - more blushes
5 - foundies 
6 - more foundies 
7 - brushes 
8 - guerlain backups 

here's what i have for my mascaras, a little basket thing that has 2 suction (glass stickers) at the back so it can be attached to mirrors. 
(mom got this at Muji, i dunno how much she paid for it though)

a portion of the vanity table contains a small shopping cart with all my glitter liners and some cosmetic items that come in small tubes. 

the small blue see-thru traincase houses my gel liner collection,
beside it is my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils and Moisturizers.

the maroon case contains all my pencil liners, 
on top of that is Kryolan's Invisible Matt and Mandom Cleansing Water. 
Alcohol in Sprayer
Cinamoroll Cup with all my Brow Razors 
Lava Lamp (haha!)

And oh! before I forget, I lined my vanity table with placemats so if i accidentally spill something (im clumsy), it would be easier to clean it. 

Something that mom got for me  and decided to hang it in my mirror 

The yellow thing hanging on the wall is a gift from my friend, its an earring and accessory organizer, all the Harajuku Lovers and Tokidoki earrings in that frame are from my friends too! 

more makeups here.. 

topmost box : concealers 
middle : eyeshadows and loose powders 
bottom : sponges and more makeup backups 
at the back is my Kryolan Stippling Brush backup that I havent even washed yet eversince I got it about a year ago. haha!

That wraps up the little peek of my Vanity area. :) 

Will post a more detailed version after im done fixing everything already. Still too lazy to segregate stuff and put them in their respective shelves.. Heehee! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. Little Twin Stars! :P I like the set up as it's so girly and cute.

    How about the walk in closet full of makeups? :D

  2. thanks pammy! :)) will let yobs fix my stuffies first before i take pics of the rest of the stuff, bwahaha! ang gulo pa sobra, such a clutterbug lately.

  3. I love the dolls and the little twin stars!!!! <3

  4. Wow! Super organized! Good Job Sis!

    Me naman, just starting to organize since at my age I'm just starting to love make-ups. I cant seem to find the right lighting and the placement of light coz my current light, hirap when applying make-up cant seem to see true color when i'm applying medyo may shadow.

  5. nice :) it's so organized. wow! may walk in closet ka pa ng make ups? :)

  6. wow, never seen anyone who has this massive collection of make-up. I hope you can write about your faves :-)

  7. Wow you're organized! neat! I also like little twin stars from Sanrio. ;)

  8. helo sis jap!

    your vanity is very girly and cute :) my eyes got drawn to the covergirl lashblast mascara hehe :P it's one of my favorites.

  9. @ baya - actually thats the only area i "organized" yesterday.. :P i still have a lot of clutter to fix in the coming days. haha!

    @seibufashion - haha! :P ive cut down my stash already.. :D wag ka maniwala dyan kay pammy *winks*

    @Whizzer's Rose - will write about my faves in the coming days, actually my collection is few compared to those who are really into collecting makeups.. :D

    @Charry - i also love messing up my stuff sometimes sis, especially when I do my makeup and im in a hurry. it stays that organized only for a few days, and its back to chaos after a couple more days hahaha! :D

    @Scarterbrain - thanks! :D

    @emily - thanks sis emily! :D you should try IMJU Fiberwig or Fairy Drops, LashBlast used to be my favorite but after trying those 2 asian brands ive mentioned, lashblast was out of my faves list na.. :)

  10. ang cute jap2x! you're so organized!

  11. @ khymm : thanksss! :) naku, my stuff are always super magulo more than it stays that organized.. haha!


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