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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swatchfest I : 24 New Shades of NYX Round Lipsticks

 Since 144 shades of Round Lipsticks isnt enough for makeup-a-holics, 

here's 24 more shades to tickle your penchant for lippies! :) 

** NOTE ** 

Picture Heavy Post. 

All Swatches/Images found on this entry is a property of 
The Pink Thought Bubble and The Digital Traincase , these images may not be reproduced or be used in any external selling/blogging site without notice.


Im not a fan of lipsticks but I think this is the start of a new addiction. Argh!!

Pink Lyric by the way was not included in my package by mistake, will add the swatch for that in the coming days. :) Please check back my site from time to time as ill be also posting swatches of more NYX Lip Products. 

Credits : 
Digital Traincase for letting me borrow the lipsticks <3 <3 <3
Ate Gene (yaya) - For doing the watermarks for me. <3 <3 <3 
Mom - for teaching me tricks on how to remove the lipstick stains easily <3 <3 <3 

What are your faves from this set? :) 

To Order, click on the image below

Happy Tuesday Evening Lovelies! :) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :) 


  1. thank you for the swatches! tyaga!

  2. wow.. :) thanks for the swatches.. will watch out for the update..

  3. Crystal : wee np sis! :D mas bubuhayin ko ang meaning ng "tyaga" after i post all the shades i need to swatch for nyx. :D haha! :D

    Chinadoll : its really nice, its like a dupe for NARS niagara, a little brighter though than niagara.

    kikaynurseonduty : np sis! :) will redo the swatches first thing tomorrow. :)

  4. I will be getting the Hot Pink for sure! hihi :))

  5. pure red, chic red and haute melon.

    a new follower!

  6. Gellie : I love hot pink! <3 <3 <3 its the kind of hotpink you can wear everyday, not too loud but just as fab! :)

    Debi : those are my faves too! plus a few more.. :D thanks for following! I followed you back! :)

  7. You are what we call, a dedicated blogger! :)

    Thanks for doing this. This entry is definitely on my bookmarks list.

  8. Rae : ill definitely do the swatches first thing tomorrow, you inspired me! :) weee thanks so much for the kind words! :)

  9. sis jap,

    what red color will go best sa slightly morena? (nc35)

    kikaykit (of GT)

  10. kendznilui : actually both chic red and pure red would look good on your skintone, its just a matter of preference, chic red has a more vibrant color, while pure red has a hint of maroon. <3

    she : bwahahaha! :D nguso lang ang maganda teh! :D the rest waley na haha! :D

  11. Sana naging nguso ka na lang ano? HAHAH! At least nagagamit ang nguso sa pag swatch.

    Ganda ganda! Viva Vivaldi!!

  12. she : korak! sana naging nguso nalang ako! bwahaha! :D i love vivaldi too! wa-appeal sa tube, pero ang ganda pala pag inapply! naiinis ako, gusto ko lahat, ay hindi, wala pa pala si pink lyric, so technically, di ko pa gusto lahat :D haha!

  13. pinakamagandang nguso sa balat ng lupa!

  14. chel : loka! wahahahah! :D bakla andaming bagay sayo sa mga lg dito. haha! :D

  15. manahimik ka! haha!

    BI talaga nguso mo!

  16. chel : magsswatch naman ako ng gloss bukas. hahaha! :D lalapastanganin ko wallet mo. bwahahah! :D

  17. Thanks for these!!! I have been looking for these swatches! I order paparazzi, haute melon, chic red, and blush before I even saw any swatches of these colors, and I am happy with those choices. I want to get minimalism, hot pink, stella, and rose now that I've seen your swatches!

  18. I'm quite excited for the Pink Lyric swatch! I hope you also do one for the soft matte cream lippies!

    Say hello to your new follower, ME! :))))

  19. Rasheda : great choices! :) i actually want all 24 shades haha! :D

    Gellie : wee im gonna do soft matte lip creams in the coming days, and the 144 shades of round lipsticks. :) btw, i followed you back! :) thanks thanks! :)

  20. question, is the shiva frost or matte?

  21. kingking : shiva isnt really frost eh, its more like hotpink with bluish purple iridescence. :)

  22. Ang ganda ng Haute Melon! :D
    Thanks for these swatches BabyJap.
    Now I know na I'm definitely getting this lippie na! :D

  23. Hi I am a new fan! I just have one request....Can you put up a feedburner button so we can subscribe to you thru our email?...that way your posts will go directly sa email...heheh.Thank you for considering!

  24. @leilani : Hello leilani! :) Thanks for your suggestion, will find a way to figure out how to add that feature, im not that techie so Im gonna have to "research" on that further haha! :D mwah!

  25. Love the swatches! I visit this page first before going to digitaltraincase's store hehe

    - Prudence

  26. @Prudence : Thanks! <333 It feels really nice when people appreciate my work. :D at least all the swatching paid off. LOL!

  27. @Prudence : Thanks! <333 It feels really nice when people appreciate my work. :D at least all the swatching paid off. LOL!

  28. How to remove the lipstick stain easily?

  29. I wonder what did your mom told you on how to remove lipstick stain easily?


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