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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Primers

 YSL Primers take the #2 spot of my list of favorite primers, for what takes the number 1 spot, I'll blog about it tomorrow. My camera's battery is low and I have no idea why i decided to take pics of the YSL primers before i take pics of my HG primer. Meow. 

The first YSL Primer i got not the Matt Variant, instead, what caught my attention was the Teint Parfait in Lavender. This is perfect for people with sallow skin, this brightens and somehow evens out the skintone prior to application of foundation, I love it because its oil free, it feels light on the face, and I can skip putting on moisturizer coz this keeps my face hydrated, its scented but its very very mild and not too overpowering. My only beef with this primer is the price actually, i think i got this for Php 2100.00 (around $49.00) from Marionnaud.  And i think i need to buy more backups since i heard YSL wont be available in Rustans anymore. *sniff*

When I got my first Matt Touch primer, its actually not the SA who insisted that I get it, but my dad, I was just swatching products from the YSL counter when my dad approached me and told me to get everything I want and that he's going to buy them for me (It pays to be a good girl. wahaha!), but i ended up buying just this primer. 

YSL Mattifying Primers are perfect especially with the humid weather that we have here in the Philippines, it mattifies, it controls oil and it conceals enlarged pores, it makes foundation application a breeze because it creates a velvety finish once applied, it is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves the skin feeling silky.

It comes in a slim tube, but you girls shouldnt worry, you would only need a pea sized amount each time you use this. Avoid putting on too much or it can cause your foundation to cake or to slide/melt off. It keeps oilies at bay in a way that you'd just notice a dewy effect at the end of the day. Im an oil mine, especially at the T zone, I blot several times the whole day, but with this, minimal blotting is necessary, I dont even need to retouch since my makeup stays perfect all day when I use this.

From the packaging to the contents, everything is to love about YSL Matt Touch primers! 

Just like the teint parfait, my only beef with this product is the price, which is pretty steep but it sure is worth every penny. Its a must-have for every make-up lover out there.

And because of LuxAsia Outlet Sales, i was able to score 3 more variants of my favorite primer! 

Matt Touch Radiant Base Colour Balance Primer with SPF! 
its available in 3 color correcting colors : Blue, Pink and Yellow.

These Colored Babies claim to have color correcting properties, but in my NC25 Skintone, I honestly think it does very little to no changes at all in the color correcting department, it works just like how the Original formula does, except that it has SPF this time. The best part about the purchase is the price, i was able to score these babies for only Php700.00 (around $16.00)each, from the original price of Php2100.00 (around $49.00) each piece! :) I love Lux Asia Outlet Sales! 

I wish LuxAsia (the company that imports High-End cosmetics and perfumes to the Phils) hear our plea not to discontinue importing YSL products to the Philippines. :( 

Sorry this review was really quick, gotta hit the sack now..
Good night everyone! :)) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!


  1. This is my HG primer! I have the pink and the blue one :D Love your blog! Im your new follower :)

  2. iheartvintage8 : thank you! :)) i followed your blog too! :) you should get backups na, YSL wont be available in Rustans anymore.. :(

  3. When do you think is the next outlet sale of luxasia in manila??:)))


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