The Gorgeous Peeps

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Building Up My Stash! ^_^

I find it funny that after taking a break from buying makeup, I found something else to splurge on. Well Im not really splurging on this "new"or should I say revived addiction since Im quite good at looking for cheapie deals for them, but Im just fascinated by how much my collection grew in a span of a week. LOL! 

Back in May 2011, I blogged about Kawaii Gadget Swings/Danglers, and my mini collection of Hello Kitty/Sanrio cellphone swings was just around 15-20 back then

some time last week, I "met" a new friend on facebook, she collects charms as well and I learned that she frequents this blog din.
And because I got jealous (inggitera much? LOL!) with how much she had on their Sanrio Charm stash, I started searching ebay and facebook for sellers of Sanrio Charms and was able to build my stash to this : 

from the time I took that picture to this date, I was able to score around 30 more charms to add to my humble sanrio charm stash. 

Not that Im trying to justify this new addiction but I honestly think this is better than collecting plushies or bigger items that can add up to the clutter I already have too much of in my bedroom. ^_^ 

Price range for these charms by the way is Php 40.00 - Php 250.00 per piece. 
Way cheaper by a few hundreds than buying directly from Gift Gate. :) 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Whats Up, Everyone? :)

I took a little break from blogging to attend to personal responsibilities at home. ^_^ 
Im really sorry for the lack of updates, but now that Im back on track, I promise to 
keep up with posting new entries on this blog hopefully one entry per day so I can catch up. 

So, hows everyone? 
I wanna thank everyone who emailed me asking me to come back to blogging -- I didnt quit ladies, I just took a little break, thanks for missing me! <3 smooches to you guyssss! 

So today Im gonna share what Ive been buying lately. LOL! 
Im not a fan of facebook and I decided to create an account just to check on the sellers who have been "stealing" photos from my page, and for some odd reason, online shopping found its way to enter the picture. Not gonna talk about makeup this time, and for the love of kawaii stuff, my hunger pangs for cute stuff was revived. 

I love cute stuff and I love thrift shopping and when you put them together, Ill surely be doomed. Facebook shopping can be a bit tricky since Im used to shopping via eBay where you can check for sales feedbacks before purchasing, on facebook, its a different story, you have to be extra careful. 

Oh! I wanna share pala my purchases from the most generous ebay seller ive transacted with. Im so happy with my purchases from her, it brought back memories of my childhood. 
Aliw lang. hehe!