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Its undeniable that a lot of us get swayed to purchase stuff from reading beauty blogs such as this one, but before grabbing any product from the beauty store, let me just share a few reminders that everyone should remember. 

On Personal Care Stuff Reviewed in this Blog : 

1. As a general rule, what works for one may not work for you. And that the results of beauty products vary in each individual. Trying out products always come with risks, so whatever adverse, hypersensitivity reactions you may encounter while trying out the products found here, I will not in any way be liable. Due diligence must be exercised.

2. Cosmetics, Skincare and Other Beauty Products are generally tested to be skin-friendly, but as we all know, some of the products out there do have some components/ingredients that your skin may be allergic to, so it would be best to do patch testing prior to full-face or full-body usage of any beauty product. 

3. ALWAYS read labels and instructions of use, this would optimize the effect of the beauty product you purchased and would help you avoid unnecessary reactions due to misuse. 

On Links to External Selling Sites : 

         I am not, in any way affiliated to any skincare or cosmetic brand in the market, links to External Selling Sites found in this blog are posted to provide reference.  

On Images and Articles Found In This Blog : 

         All pictures found in this blog are taken by the blog owner unless otherwise indicated. 

All "borrowed" images found on this site are labelled accordingly and are posted with permission from the rightful owners. In the event that you would want to borrow images I took, simply leave a message thru my chatbox or email me at and will get back to you soon as I can.

Same rule applies for product reviews and other articles found on this Blog, borrowers have the luxury to use the reviews without asking for my permission provided that proper credits will be stated. 

Respect and Courtesy will be greatly appreciated. 

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