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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sleek MakeUp Wishlist

Was browsing my blogroll today when I came across Khymm's (Shopcoholic for Makeup) post on Sleek Pout Paints, I drooled. 

Sleek is a brand originating from UK (correct me if Im wrong) and the brand breaks the impression that UK cosmetics have hefty price tags. Im pretty sure though that the quality of their cosmetics is at par with popular (and expensive) brands in the market. 
Read more of Sleek Makeup's History HERE.

Ive been lemming for the blushes since it became popular in the blogsphere and I still havent found time to order some for myself, so now Im making a list of the stuff I want from Sleek, lets see if I can fulfill this wishlist soon. 

First thing I want are the Pout Paints, I dont wanna splurge so much moolah on OCC Lip tars and these Pout Paints are the best alternative, I heard theyre of superb quality as well. 

Since theyre relatively cheap, $8.00 each, which is around Php 350.00, I wanna get all shades. Theres just 11 anyway and the colors are customizable so its like owning gazillion lipsticks with just 11 tubes. :) 

 Plus I also wanna try out their blushes, 
Here's a photo from A Little Obsessed, she has all shades of the blushes and Im dying of envy. LOL! 

Photo Credits : A Little Obsessed 

Since I cant pull off some of the shades there, Im only lemming for a few, namely, Pixie Pink, Flamingo, Scandalous, Rose Gold, Pomegranate. 
Coral and Life's A Peach too, hopefully, but Im not sure if I can still get them since theyre LE.

Lastly, I want me some of the Sleek Pout Polish Pots too! 

These are pretty cheap too, $6.50 each, Im not eyeing on all shades though, I just want the pinky, coral/peachy and nudy ones, to cut things short, Im prolly skipping 3 shades from this line. Haha! 

I wish Sleek's locally available in the Philippines, that would be really great and Im gonna be a fan for sure. <333 


Are you eyeing something from Sleek too? Share your wishlist! ^_^

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. got 3 shades of their blushes... flamingo, pixi pink and pomegranate... they are awesome! i wanna try those pout paints too! get me some naman Pretty Doll!!! :P

  2. @ur_prettyprinces : coolness! inggit ako! I want their blushes too! I know someone who would resell Sleek soon, abang lang tayo. :)

  3. I ordered a blush from Starmaine Cay sa Facebook. She's selling it for less than Php 500 bucks. She's accepting pre-orders sis =) Super nice ng Pout polish, comparable to MAC TLC's IMO.

  4. Santorini blush-idk kung discontinued or LE and flamingo blush.. i have pomegranate blush and amped l/s.. loving them to bits kahit may dupes ako nito sa high end brands.. :-P

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