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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Balm That Earned The HG Throne

Dry, Chapped Lips and Windburns are common cases here in the Philippines because of the weather. I used to be bothered by dry, chapped lips before that there were instances that id smile or say something and Id feel my lips crack and bleed. :(

I was formerly a fan of C.O Bigelow Glosses because of the minty feel of their glosses and their Lip Renewal Remedy is one of the best products Ive tried that gets rid of dry, chapped, windburned lips overnight, yes, overnight but then youd still have to put something on top of the renewal remedy cream to keep your lips moisturized. It doesnt really work alone.

And then I came across Smith's Rosebud Salve -- I found it on Mom's cosmetic case. It sure did wonders, without the hassle of putting on 2 products to treat the dryness of my lips. 

The Rosebud Balms come in 22gram tins and each variant can be bought separately, however, as shown on the photo above, i was able to score a package of 3 rosebud balms that come in a special edition tin (strawberry, minted rose and original rose). 

I find the packaging really classy, it has this vintagey touch to it that I love. 

The Original Formula - the most buttery of them all, bears a classic Rose Scent that I really love, even if some people thinks it smells like Granny. 

Minted Rose - Original formula tweaked. Minty version and bears a more balmy texture that doesnt feel waxy at all. 

Mocha Rose - a classic "coffeeshop" flavor thats yummy indeed, it reminds me of creamy coffee and warm, butter cookies. Like the minted rose, has a balmy but not waxy texture. 

Strawberry - this, by far is the best smelling Strawberry balm i came across with. Similar to the previous two, bears a balmy but not waxy texture .

All shades basically go on sheer, transparent and colorless. Even the Minted Rose variant the looks the reddest of them all (from the pan) doesnt offer significant changes to the color of the lips. These balms do contain Petrolatum but it doesnt have that oily feel like when you apply pure petroleum jelly on your lips which I find icky. These 4 tins I have are the "yummy" ones (since they smell good), in my honest opinion. I love all of them but then there has to be a favorite -- The Original Formula. Its the best of all the balms they have, can do "miracles" to dry elbows, dry lips, dry heels overnight. Yes, miracles do happen overnight with Smiths Rosebud Salve! 

Not included on the photo are 2 other variants ive tried but i didnt really like, 

the Menthol variant - which doesnt really work well when applied on the lips because its for minor cuts, burns, insect bites and other skin irritations. 

the Brambleberry Variant - i didnt really like the rose-berry combination, smells stale for me, it doesnt smell fresh at all. 

All variants have different compositions, ingredients list taken from Rosebud Perfume Co. Website  : 

Rosebud Salve:
Petrolatum, Aromol (Trade Secret Blend of Essential Oils), Cottonseed Oil.

Strawberry Lip Balm:
Petrolatum, Vilvanolin, Natural White Beeswax, Strawberry Flavor.

Minted Rose Lip Balm:
Petrolatum, Aromol (Trade Secret Blend of Essential Oils), Peppermint Oil, Cottonseed Oil.

Mocha Rose
 Aromol (Trade Secret Blend of Essential Oils), Shea Butter and Vitamin E in a special Petrolatum base.

I use sanitized spatulas to scrape product off the pan rather than dipping my fingers or a lipbrush directly on it to prolong its lifespan. Another swipe and go product. Easy, cheap, but does wonders.

And oh, before I forget, they also released a liquid version of the Original formula and it comes in a squeeze tube. Convenient for those who doesnt like lip products that comes in pots/tins.

Since i have this habit of licking or wiping my lips once in a while (we all know how dusty it is here in the Philippines) and glosses/balms tend to be a dust magnet, i reapply this every hour or every 2 hours. 

Yes, No doubt about it. :) 

It is backup worthy, especially when they release limited edition scents/flavors such as Brambleberry and Mocha Rose.

With hygienic usage, I would say a tin would be best used within a year, if dipping your fingers or a used lipbrush directly on the pan, 6 months.

A tin would cost you Php550.00 if you buy locally. or $16.00 for a pack of three (Strawberry, Minted Rose, and Original Rose) if you know someone who lives in the States. :) 

Best place to get Smiths Products locally is from IORA, its a clothing shop seen on almost every SM Department store there is, they sell them for Php550 which is around $12 each. And they do have testers, not recommending you to try them thru the testers but its the best way to choose the scent you would like because some people find the Rose scent of the Original Formula too overpowering (i think otherwise though). Cheapest deal though is from Sephora, $16.00 for a pack of three tins already, plus you get to have the limited edition tin. <3 <3 <3 

Have you tried these? Love them? Hate them? Share your thoughts. 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :) 


  1. sold mine, haha. i think i got the rose one and it smells hmmm, ancient? LOL!

    plus it feels waxy on my lips =(

  2. lel : hahahah! :D i knew it! ako naman i dunno why pero i love the scent of roses, actually i always spritz rosewater sa pillows ko, weird. haha!

  3. I have this! Or had. Kasi nagsawa ako eh. I only like the strawberry scented one. My sister swears by this as well (nahawa sa akin) pero one problem is that it melts in the heat. It's in my drawer, far from the window/sunlight, pero natunaw pa din :(

  4. krys : yeah, the original formula melts sa "normal" temp here sa pinas, but all the other variants, matibay naman sa heat. :)


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