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Sunday, April 10, 2011

❤ ♡ ❤ New Layout ❤ ♡ ❤

I got really bothered with my former blogger layout, it was straining my eyes. :(

I actually thought it was nice before, but then i realized it was "tiring" to read my entries because of the contrasting black background and bright letters.  

I didnt know what to do since i know nothing about HTML/CSS thingies, so I got desperate and PMed one of our GT sisters -- norms. 

I saw her page and I find it cute, so I asked her if she can help me tweak some items in my page, she willingly did the favor and refused that I pay her or send her a token for being so helpful. 

Creating this post as my way of telling her im really grateful that she offered help rightaway after reading my Private Message. 

Thanks so much Reina! Im really really happy with my new layout :) 

I wish i could really send you something, if you change your mind, please send me your address.. Haha! 

Visit and Follow Reina's Blog Here : The Pink Fence 



  1. @donnarence : loving my new layout too! :) i love your blog! i wish i could do eyemakeup as good as you!! :))

  2. I like the new layout :) Very you, based on the previous entries I read. Just having trouble with the floating follow me gadget. I can't see what I'm typing :)

  3. @scatterbrain : Thank you! :) im sorry to hear that youre having trouble with the widget, i think it works best on Google Chrome.

  4. oh! you are so welcome babyjapnurse!
    its just a few tweaks. no need to send me stuff! its great that i was able to help a fellow gtalk sis. i am a newbie there :)

    take care!

  5. This is so much better, Japster. :P

  6. @Reina : thanks again! couldnt thank you enough. im super happy with my new layout. :)

    @Pammy : yepp! way better than the old layout, sakit ng mata ko dun e haha! :)

  7. @ khymm : thank you sis! :) finally something simple and feminine, and more reader-friendly. :))

  8. Cute. u’re so lucky ~ <3 I just redid my layout also~ although I didn’t have help.. it took such a long time! hahha.. I like ur layout ~ it’s cute <3

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  9. hi there, I'm a new follower of your blog. I hope you follow me back.

    I saw your blog through Reina..hehe

  10. @ HitomiNeko : thankssss! :) Really lucky to find someone who helped me tweak this page for free. :) thanks to reina.. :))

    @ Hollie : i followed you back already dear! mwah! thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  11. This layout is so cute ! I love all things kawaii and pink, hehe =) You have a cool blog !


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