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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Another Haul Post.. :)

Another post thats composed mostly of pictures.. :) 

Hun and I decided to go to Mall of Asia this afternoon to watch Rio 3D (the movie was goooooood!) 

We wanted to catch the 7:55PM screening, but we arrived there early -- around 5:30PM so we still had roughly 2 hours to roam around the mall and do some window shopping coz I wasnt planning on buying anything at all, but things didnt go as planned, we went home carrying several baggies of goodies hahaha! 

Nothing much to say about these stuffies, just sharing the inexpensive, cutesy thingies I got from the mall today. haha! 

From Beabi : 

(I actually dont have any idea what id use these items for, I just felt the urge to buy them. argh)

L to R : 
100ml Dropper Bottle (has a nozzle tip with a large bore hole so its not really a dropper) - Php 40.00 (around $1.00)
20ml Airless Pump Bottle - Php 30.00 ($0.70) 
15ml Airless Pump Bottle - Php 25.00 ($0.50)
10ml Roller Bottle - Php 15.00  ($0.35)
Plastic Spoons - Php 10.00 each ($0.24)

From Healthy Options : 

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Moisturizer - Php 449.00 ($10.50)
Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel - Php 239.00 each ($5.50)
(the peeling thing sounds promising, a bestseller according to the SA)

From FUNctional : 

Glitter Pen Set - Php 245.00 ($6.00)
Milky Pen Set - Php 175.00 ($4.00)

Notepad (with peapod cover) - on sale at Php 20.00 each so i got 2
it has plain black sheets for the milky pens I got (see pic above)
AngPao Envelopes - Php 45 for a pack of 5 envelopes

From Accessorize : 

went inside this store coz i was supposed to look for something to take home for mom. but ended up buying stickers for myself. haha! I swear these stickers are really cute. Hard to resist.

Sold at Php 190.00 each ($4.50)
dont be fooled, all 4 packs are identical. haha! just "hoarded" coz I havent seen a sticker that looks this cute before.

See? theyre like acrylic buttons, theyre 1/8 inch thick. Cuteness overloaddd! :))

From Skinfood : 

i have no idea what pushed me to buy Skinfood stuff directly from the store knowing that the prices are twice more than the actual price from resellers on ebay. haha!

Skinfood Pedicure Sparkle 05 - Php 375.00 ($9.00)
Skinfood Jojoba Sparkle - Php 425.00($10.00)

a closer look on the colors of the SF lacquers : 

Jojoba Sparkle

Pedicure Sparkle 05 

Finally from Watsons : 

Went inside just to accompany Hun coz he wanted to get refills for his shaver, but ended up buying a few nail stuff again. 

Now im wondering, is this the start of a nail lacquer addiction? Im getting really curious about nail lacquers lately.. 

Random Nail Stuff
(I find the toe separators really cute and girly thats why I got them)

Bobbie Holographic Polish in WengWeng - Php 33.00 (less than $1)

next 3 lacquers I got because I got fascinated that theyre pretty much like dupes for GOSH Rainbow 

photo courtesy of

while here are the ones from 24K Nail Polish 
( a local NP brand, i think) 
they have cute names, but doesnt really match the true color of the lacquers haha! 

groupie pic
theyre sold for Php 38.00 each (less than $1 each)

this one's called Crystal Rose Quartz 
(rose quartz i believe is pale pink, but this one's orange, pretty much like GOSH Rainbow)

while this one's called Crystal Teal Glass
(as shown on the picture is Green, not even close to Teal haha!)

this last one's called Pacific Opal 
( this one can pretty much pass the mismatched shade labeling, since opal tends to have a purplish gleam to it) 

These 24k Crystal Lacquers are really really nice, I have yet to purchase the one from GOSH to do a comparison of it and 24k's Crystal Rose Quartz since it looks similar to me just by looking at Gosh's pictures online. 

Will take pics of the Nail Lacquers under Daylight tomorrow, really sorry for the bad lighting, took the pics inside my room while i was on the process of unloading them and checking them out. :)

Pixies of the items from Italy that I received this morning will be posted tomorrow.. :) 

Have a blessed and meaningful week everyone! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. oh! youve been to functional! i love that store. i go there mostly for my school needs.

  2. @Reina - yeppp! :)) whenever I go to MOA, i always pay FUNctional a visit, their stuff are really nice, di ko lang mabili yung iba na nakikita kong cute coz I wont be able to use them naman haha! :D

  3. I bought those Beabi containers too kasi wala lang. Cute eh! hahaha!

  4. @chel - i found a way to make use of them, sinalin ko yung guerlain meteorites primer ko na paubos na para hindi ko bitbit everytime yung malaking bottle. hahah! :D


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