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Monday, April 18, 2011

Haul : Nail Art Stuff

A post composed mostly of pictures.. :) 

Was with Mom and Dad yesterday when Mom decided to drop by Divisoria.. 

I was so giddy because its been ages since the last time I went there,

I wasnt thinking of buying anything when I saw a store just a few steps from the entrance, and theyre selling nail art stuff. 

Ive been curious about Waterslide Nail Decals that I wanted to order those online but I was contemplating because I knew they were cheaper somewhere. 

First thing I saw when I approached their counter are tiny colored sticks tied up in bundles.. 

Fimo Clay Sticksss! And there were lots and lots and lots of these! I started picking 5 pieces until I settled with that much because Mom chose a few pieces that I could use on her nails.. :D

these are sold for Php 10.00 per stick (around $0.25), el-cheapo! <3 <3 <3

I always thought the only way I can get my hands on these Fimo Clay sticks is thru eBay US. Im so happy that theyre available here and theyre cheap! 

Next thing I looked for are Water Slide Nail Decals. :)

If I remember correctly there were 5 kinds of Nail Decals that they have there, but chose just a few pieces because I dont like some of the designs haha! 

Shown on the next picture are called Silk Nail Stickers (asked the SAs why its called that, but unfortunately, just like me, they have no idea haha!), I have yet to try these before I can figure out whats the difference between these and the regular Waterslide Nail Decals. 

I only picked 4 prints from this Silk Nail thingie that costs Php 60.00 each (around $1.40) 

                                        Pink Leopard                Roses in Black Background

                             Pink Roses in White BG              Classic Floral Print

This next one, I bought out of impulse, im not really sure if it would look good on me, or if I can pull off wearing chrome finished nails, but since its printed with colorful stars, I decided to include it in my stash, and I got two, just in case it looks nice. Pwahahah!

these Foil/Chrome Nail Patches are sold for Php 100.00 each (around $2.50)

I love the print, I love rainbow colored stars!

and lastly, the Waterslide Nail Decals I was looking forrrr! :)) 

Ive been really curious how these decals work after seeing tutorials and fellow beauty bloggers use this. I only picked a few designs though coz I didnt see anything else that looks classy apart from these designs I got. 

I wasnt able to include 1 design in this "family picture" though since I used it on my nails already hahaha! :D  

                           Hotpink Plaids     Rose in Hotpink BG              Zebra

                             Pink Rose n Blue Dots           Pink Rose and White Dots

We were in a hurry so I didnt have the chance to look around for more Nail Art Stores and look for more designs. 

Got a terrible headache after roaming around Divisoria's 168 mall for just mere 15 minutes, because the mall is loaded with people. I wish we went there earlier. But because of these cheapie Nail Art thingies I got, im more than willing to come back soon to get more.. Nyahahaha!

I mentioned its been ages since the last time I went to Divisoria, right? I was surprised to see that 168 Mall is bigger now and its a lot cooler inside which makes shopping more comfortable. In my honest opinion, the ventilation and AC system that they have in 168 now is better than that of leading Malls ive been to around the Metro. Two thumbs up for that! :) 

That wraps up my Divisoria Nail Art Supplies Shopping. :) 

** Big Outlet Sale Haul will be posted tomorrow. **

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. I love them all!! They're sooo pretty... :)

  2. @ Yen - thanksthanks! :)) if you have access to Divi, its the best place to buy those, really really cheap. :) mwah!

  3. The nail art decals looks fun to wear. I haven't tried any of those. :) Looking forward to your future posts with you wearing the decals.

  4. @ Rins - yepp! theyre super easy to apply. especially for lazy people like me who cant take much time to draw stuff onto my nails mismo.. :)

  5. wooaaah ang dami! bat hindi ko alam na may ganyan sa divi..hai kung kelan hindi na ako makakapunta dun ko nalaman na madami maganda dun =(

  6. @miemiemie : haha! mas maooverwhelm ka once you see the stores that sell those sa divi, andaming options sobra, as in nakakaduling pumili. hahaha! :D i have no idea when they started to sell those, di ko nga ineexpect they have yung fimo clay sticks eh kasi sa ebay naman nauso yan ehehehe! :D

  7. oh my! I just went there and bought a lot of stuff! originally, I intent to just buy a polish remover and a new plate for nail stamp. I ended up to buy the lots of water slide decals and we have the same taste LOL I picked up the same designs.

    You should have asked for discounts, they give you discounts if buy a lot. =)

    I hope you dont mind sis. here's a blog about how to use nail decals.

    Hope to bump with you one day, you probably will be the one to recognize me. Let me know if wanna pa-buy to me some stuff from there. I'm just 1 jeepney ride from divi.


  8. @ baya - wooot! i saw nga that they have plates for nail stamping kits, ang galing! haha! always thought Konad lang ang meron nun, nagaya nadin pala ng chinese. haha! I actually got those nail decals from 2 different stores sis, which explains the price, the price they gave me are like P10-20 pesos lower than their retail prices already, i wish i bought more, kaso i didnt find anything else na nagustuhan ko kaya i was stuck with those designs, para ma-ease yung frustration, i just bought several pieces of each design nalang hahha! :D

    hope to see you soon too sis! :) nakakatuwa that we have the same taste sa mga beauty stuff.. <3 <3

    Oh! lucky you! ang lapit mo lang sa Divi, i wish i live closer so i can check back often if they have new stuff. haha! :D

  9. Isa lang owner nung nagbebenta ng nail art. I saw one store in Caloocan City the bldg. that we get our NBI. :) I forgot what floor though and I ask the saleslady, kasosyo din pala ng tiga 168.

    Same designs nga lang sila ng KONAD hehehe... What else is new, lahat kayang gayahin.

    When using the nail art decals, just a tip > use a base coat that is good for the nails like sa maga Sally Hansen or from Orly just to protect the nails.


  10. ^ toinks, sila din pala yun haha! :D some of the designs na meron sa isa wala kasi dun sa iba eh hehe! im using a base already, yung sa Face Shop, thats what Sol of digitaltraincase taught me, wala kasing stocks currently nung HG base nya, kaya still have to wait for that. :) for now, face shop muna ako haha!

  11. Basecoat and topcoat from ELIANTO are great too Sis! I've been meaning to blog about it but I just dont have enough time... I so envy you!!! you're sooo... sipag to do the posts.

  12. baya : ay i remember i bought a base coat and nail strengthener during the BOGO sale sa store nila sa Mall of Asia, will try that nga tomorrow. thanks for reminding me sis! :D regarding my blog entries, naku, halata nga na im always in a hurry to do those, kasi sobrang babaw ng pagkaka-review ko ng products.. :D haha!

  13. thanks for ur blogs..:) alam ko0 na qng san bibili sa manila hehe... i'm from baguio kc eh.. i ordered through online and i was hoping my mas mura ... thanks tlaga.. see u tomorow at 168 divi..:) i'll go down to buy nail arts,,:)


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