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Friday, February 12, 2010

NYX Rouge Creme Blushes

Today i would like to share the swatches of all the NYX Creme Blushes i acquired.

These babies sell for around $ 6-7 in the U.S and Php 360.00 from Sollie I did swatches of my first three creme blushes here but decided to redo the swatches for a better comparison of each shade. :)

Description from the NYX website :

NYX Rouge Cream Blush provides natural, radiant, long lasting color to the cheeks due to a specially formulated, creamy formulation. Simply dab NYX Rouge Cream Blush onto skin with fingertips to emulate the look of natural, youthful skin.

I fell inlove with these blushes coz they give a radiant glow to the face even if most shades dont have shimmer/frost finish.

Pixies of the Blushes from the Pan :
plus an attempt to descibe the shades the best way i can
(im bad at this, im sorry. :P )

CB01- Rose Petal
neutral nudy-pink

CB02- Natural
peachy nudy pink

CB05- Glow
glowing warm pink

CB07- Red Cheeks
gorgeous red

CB08- HotPink
hot pink! :P

CB09- Orange
bright orange

CB10- Golden
shimmery golden nude

CB11- Boho Chic
cool, pale pink with shimmer

The swatches :

all of them have a creamy, balm-ish texture to it except for HotPink and BohoChic that are extremely creamy and rich.

Only Golden and Boho Chic have a slight frosty/shimmery touch that adds more glow to the complexion.

When applied, it dries to a powder finish and doesnt feel greasy nor sticky, so i guess its quite comparable to the finish of NARS creme blushes.

i think these babies are far better than NARS creme blushes in terms of the price and wide selection of colors that are basically goof-proof (once used sparingly) as NARS creme blushes carry "scary" colors that can be easily overdone.

NYX Rouge Creme Blushes are best applied using a stippling brush/duo fibre brush or a foundie brush rather than using your fingers since its more likely that you rub off more color since the pressure from the fingers add more redness to the cheeks.

I almost forgot to mention that these can be used as lipcolors too! :)
Thats why id pick these over Stila Convertibles as those are super heavy on the cheeks and uber sticky to be used as lipcolors too!

These babies by the way have a 12-month shelf life from first use.

So i think i should get rid of some shades soon since i know i wont be able to use them all up for a year. wahaha!

That wraps up my say on NYX Rouge Creme Blushies! :)




  1. pwahahah! :P ikaw ang salarin! :P maganda yan para tumaas benta mo. ang gaganda naman talaga eh haha!

  2. Great post! Thanks for swatching. :D

  3. Ang ganda ng Natural and Rose Petale. :P

  4. thank you for swatching these! it's helpful for knowing which one to buy next!

  5. babyjap, ang ganda nila! have you tried MAC Blushcremes? I find them sticky eh. good thing this dries to a powder finish. Im eyeing on hot pink, glow and red cheeks.

  6. Bea : thanks for checking out my post! :) mwa mwa! :) enjoy!

    Pammy : Super pretty no? gusto ko kagatin cheeks mo! :P pwahaha! :P

    Crystal : thanks for droppin by sis! :) which shade do you plan to buy next? :)

    Khymm : takot ako itry mac creme blushes eh, mineralized blushes lang keri ko, takot ako magbreakout ulit sa MAC hehe! :P get all 3 that youre eyeing sis! and orange or boho chic! sobrang pretty!

  7. sige get rid of them tapos ipamigay mo sa amin

  8. bakit mo gusto kagatin chubby cheeks ko? :P

  9. sis R : matinding palaisipan yan .. :P may isa na ko ipapaadopt sa new mommy na alam kong mamahalin sha ng bongga haha! :P

    pammy : cutieeee! kagigil! haha!

  10. nakaka-BI naman swatches mo sis hehe.
    i would love to get glow and boho chic after my no-buy period :)

    anong favorite mo sa kanila sis?~~

  11. cha : wahaha! :P BI pa din hanggang dito harr! :P

    naku, parang love ko silang lahat, cant pick a fave, pero i think it would be boho chic, sobrang subtle kasi, mahirap ma-overdo. :)

  12. Yr swatches are very nice.. neither too thick nor too light. Gives a very accurate idea of the color :D

  13. hey BabyJapRN
    this is my first visit to your blog. came here to check out the nyx cream blush swatches. glad to hear that they can be used on the lips as well!

  14. Tanveer Parmar :

    Thank you! :) hope that those swatches have helped you somehow in choosing the shades that you like.. :)

    Rima Kaur :

    Thank you for visiting my blog! :) These creme blushes work great as lipcolors too! :) Dont forget to prime the lips with lipbalm before application though.. :)

  15. Hey now I can reach yr blog. U followed mind long time back but their wasn't any link so I didn't know whether u had a blog. I came thru Tanveer's blog...she mentioned yr blush swatches. They look awesome


  16. Wow very nice swatches girl ^_^. They all look so pretty. I like Rose Petal, Natural & Boho Chic swatches. ^_^

  17. Cynthia : weeee! :) thanks for following my blog too! NYX Creme blushes are pretty indeed! :)

    Ems : thanks sister! :) good choice! go get those shades, theyre my fave! especially bohochic! :)

  18. Gorgeous gorgeous colors!! I'm beginning to love it! I only have 1 at the moment and I want more! hehehe...

  19. Wow love all the shades....Thanks for the swatches....I love NYX blushes!!! Lovely blog....check out mine if you please.

  20. hi babyjap! i thought i'd ask you since you have almost all the shades.. i just bought boho chic.. and it seems stickier than the other shades i have.. is it the same for you? i saw that you noted a difference in the consistency of boho chic and hot pink compared with the others

  21. @tokfooqueen :

    i find the consistency of boho chic, hotpink and orange creamier than the others that have a balm-ish texture, but i dont find them sticky at all. ;)

  22. hmmm.. i wnt to try this creme blushes esp the boho chic, glow & natural! :)

  23. @rach : You MUST try NYX creme blushes. the formula and the staying power is really nice. wont give you a hard time blending it out. Best to use a foundation brush to blend them in for a warm, natural-looking flush. :)

  24. I've done a review of this product and I have linked to you :9

    Photos are SPECTACULAR!!

  25. sis may store ka?
    Alin marrecommend mo for light brown to white skin na ang effect natural blush?


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