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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tokidoki Kabuki Luminosa Highlighter

What made me buy this is actually the packaging coz 
aside from collecting makeup, I also collect Tokidoki and Harajuku Lovers stuff. 

The first Tokidoki make-up I got was the 
Smashbox Tokidoki Dolce Vita Highlighting Blush

theres nothing special about it, actually  I hated it because its chalky, poorly pigmented to be used as a blush and its not a flattering highlighter for my nc25 skintone, so I ended up selling it. I was really disappointed because I also have several highlighters from the Smashbox Softlights line and I love all of them. 

Going back to the review, I think this is a Sephora exclusive but I got mine from a reseller on eBay Phils, I wasnt really expecting much bout how good the highlighter itself is, I just find the packaging cute and i thought it would make a good addition to my growing Tokidoki collection. 

The clear acetate box it came with is also printed with Tokidoki characters, 

scroll down to view more pics.. :))

front :

back : 

top : 

bottom :

and here are photos of the compact itself 

front :

a pic of the highlighter : 

closer look of the highlighting powder :

back :

It has been lying in my Vanity Nook for about a month when I decided to swatch it, just for the sake of knowing how it looks when this is applied, and I was really surprised that its not chalky unlike the previous tokidoki luminizer I got.

In the pan, it looks dull, if not for the tokidoki skull and crossbone print, this wont be appealing at all, its muted pale (as in, really really pale) pink, with very very fine gold specks infused with finely milled silver and pink shimmers. 

When applied on the cheeks, it gives a really nice, healthy glow, dewy and not shimmery at all.  This by far is the best highlighter ive ever tried, if given a chance that I see something like this on ebay again, Id surely repurchase.
Price is Php 999.00 (around $24.00), inclusive of shipping. Great deal right? I think it costs more when purchased thru Sephora.

I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.. :) 

More reviews tomorrow! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. It really is cute! I love Tokidoki designs too! (though I don't hv anything by them..>_<)
    I wanna see your Tokidoki and harajuku lovers collection! =D

  2. aisyah : weeee they make really nice stuff no? most of their stuff are super expensive though, haha! will post my collection soon as im done fixing all of my stuff, some needs cleaning kasi. haha! such a clutterbug lately. :D

  3. wow. this is indeed cute. too bad i don't use highlighters much. don't know how to kasi. looking forward to seeing your tokidoki collection.

  4. @Emily - you can use it as a blush topper, or to highlight key areas of the face, its really nice sis! try to explore how to use highlighters, it does wonders just like how you do contours using bronzers.. :)

  5. i would love to own a tokidoki but their prices here are so expensive. i looked the price of a simple wallet in the mall, i thought im gonna faint at that second. haha!

  6. Reina : i think ebay is the best place to shop for tokidoki and harajuku lovers stuff, mall prices are really high (especially HL in Rustans, which are mostly old/discontinued designs already). first tokidoki item i got was a canvas bag from ebay, price was reasonable at 3k, will post a pic tomorrow.. :)


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