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Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty Bargain: Sally Hansen Get In Shape Brow Shapers

I'm back! LOL!

Whats up everyone? :) 

Was MIA for ages and I wanna be honest, I just wanted to cool down from something that happened to me online. One thing is for sure though, I dont wanna abandon this blog forever and I surely missed posting my random babbles about beauty stuff and everything under the sun. 

For a while, I also "forgot" about online shopping (o yea! nagbago na ko LOL) but just recently, my (the coolest and ever so loving) Mom asked me if I know anyone selling stuff she can gift to our staff for Xmas, I showed her Meg's eBay account- jnlink777, and because of this, I felt the urge to browse Meg's stuff also and came across some really nice stuff that are (as always) cheap and of good quality. First to review is the Sally Hansen Get In Shape Brow Shaper Set. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guess Whos Back ^_^

Its been a year and 2 months since I published my last blog entry and I surely missed doing this. 

What I missed most though are the friends I gained thru GT and thru Blogging. Been really busy taking care of our "baby" -- Yobs (the boyf) and I started our own business together that I dint have time to write my thoughts on stuff and share them here. Sad. 

But now I guess Ill be back for good and I hope you guys missed me somehow. LOL!

Hows everyone here na? :)