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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its Bright Red and I Love It!

Its not the first time I'd mention this, but I rarely wear lipsticks, im a fan of lipglosses and I dont like pigmented glosses, since im a fan of sheer lip stuff, those that offer hints of color but doesnt wash out the color of my lips by covering it. This lippie im going to review now is an exception, its opaque, its bright, and its super pigmented. And for a change from all the pinky shades of lippies I have, this one is Red, bright bright Red. 

This came just as a freebie, and now im dying to get 2 more tubes of this shade but im unfortunate to see any being sold in lately. :( Im halfway thru finishing this pop already. 

Id pick this over MAC Russian Red which is the 2nd best Red Lipstick in my opinion. 

I love how this lippie keeps my lips moist, offers good pigmentation and for the first time, its one bright, pigmented lipstick that mom said, looks really good on me. 

The shade is called Romance, and this lippie is from Styli-Style, this brand is available locally in Beauty Bar but im not really sure if they carry this line of lippies. I wish they do, so I can get a pop or 2 more. 

swatched on my NC25 skin

the color is really beautiful, right? 

However, just like in any pigmented lipstick out there, you would need to apply a good lipliner that's anti-feathering so you wouldnt end up looking like a clown once the color bleeds beyond the natural lip line. 

here's a pic of my lips with Styli Style Romance 

excuse the messy application, i wasnt able to apply lipliner before putting lipstick on. :) 

There you go, that wraps up my post on my favorite Red Lipstick. 

It's 5:28am, gotta hit the sack now. Cheerios!

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! :) 


  1. That's such a nice red lip color! :)

  2. yen, yeppyepp! really pretty! i wish i could find backups for it though. :))

  3. @seibufashion - same here sis! :)


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