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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Afternoon of Crafting And Organizing Stuff

From my last post I mentioned that I stayed home all day today, and because my parents are so giddy about the Tagaytay home that will be completed in less than 2 months, I decided to try out making decoupage stuff to be used for the house. I got my passion for crafting from my Lola (grandmom), she loves DIY stuff, and she loves customizing everything and so does my mom who loves to make everything around the house a "conversation piece". 

My mom's eyeing a lot of auctions on ebay for switch and outlet cover plates that bear country designs. Speaking of Country Theme, thats what they want the Tagaytay House to bear, a home-y, country, warm theme -- perfect for relaxing. 

So this afternoon, I decided to warm up my crafty hands for a sample of the outlet cover plate that my mom is dying to have. 

Here's the sample : 

I ran out of clear matte spray-on acrylic so the finish is still not at its best, still needs a little more "polishing" with a top coat but my parents love this. 

I also revamped the switchplates on my room :  

Looks like its for a kid's room, right? LOL! 

After doing those samples, I reorganized my newly acquired post-its, stickers and mini stationeries 

Its only a portion of my entire stash, these are the ones I use often, hence the backups for really cutesy ones. Haha! 

A little peek of what's inside this mini-crate : 

These are supposed to be used as decorative index cards for foreign language students, but I got them since I wanna use them as unique Gift Cards, I love that they come in sturdy, reusable cardboard boxes too! :) 

Whats inside the boxes -- cards with assorted cute prints. 

This one I really find cute, I got this from Fully Booked. 

These Tenorikuma Pads I already have since college, I think I got like 6 of this design and all i have now are 2 pads. :) 

These ones I got from eBay the other day, I bought all 6 designs because they match the Korean Stickers I purchased about a month ago.

I bought 4 packs of this before (Here), but I already ran out so I bought 4 more packs, combined them and came up with 2 packs which would be easier to store. 

These Holographic stickers are so cute. 
Thats why I think its worthy to hoard on these. LOL! 

 Korean Deco Tapes from eBay. They sell for Php 30.00 per roll. Theyre super cute, I always catch my mom stealing a few rolls from my stash. Haha!

Printed Envelopes. I dunno where I could use them but theyre cute so I had to get them at Functional. 

My Kokeshi Post-It stash, each pack contains 3 sets of the post-its, Talk about combining several packs in one again. LOL! 

I hate boring planners, so I always hoard on printed planner refills. :) 

And lastly, take a peek at my planner, this one's more like a kiddo's but kiddos dont need planners anyway, so I guess this one's created for the kid-at-heart. I got this for just Php 80.00 at Cash and Carry. 

I bought the mirror separately for Php 20.00, if I remember correctly. 

The cover unfolds to reveal card slots and pockets for other whatnots. 

The cute sesame street cover. :) 

Sesame Street Theme is all over the planner. From the weekly/monthly portion to the addressbook and memo section. Even has a separate page for Sesame Street Planner stickers! 

Planner has a zippy pochette at the back for receipts, but I use it to store my (and hun's) extra pictures (you can actually see thru it a bit from this picture). 

 Here's a sticker sheet that I tote around all the time but never got the guts to use since its one-of-a-kind. 

The stickers are shaped like puzzle pieces. Havent seen anything like it before. 

My planner is one of the reasons why kids love digging through my bag, need I say more? ^_^ 

My blog will be back to regular programming (beauty blogging) tomorrow. :) 
Will be posting the drafts I made over the weekend after finalizing and proofreading them (taray! may proofreading LOL!)

So there, that wraps up another kiddie and crafty post. :) 

Stay Fab, Everyone! 



  1. CUTE naman your planner sis....... love your stuffs, especially, the tapes. uhm, sis, can you have a post on how to do the DIY outlet cover plate? hehe. naiinggit ako..LOL!!! ang super cute kasi! :)

  2. Love the stickers, printed envelopes, everything!=) Now I'm inspired to meticulously search Ebay for treasures. Clippers and Fully Booked are my go-to shops for stickers and stationery sets. :)

  3. @roxyfoxy : Thank you sis! :) its easy to do lang sis, decoupage lang, you just have to choose paper that wont wrinkle pag nabasa ng glue. :)

  4. @Eunice : Thank you Eunice! :) clipper has really nice stuff, noh? i frequent that shop too! <3

  5. Wow! My tongue is way down under :P Wahh! Love your haul sis. I used to buy sa MOrning Glory,Tickles for my Planner refills but can no longer find one. So Im using old stash na. Where did you find your refills?

  6. @Pinay Mom : I buy my planner refills from a toy store in Cash and Carry, its on the same floor as the foodcourt, i forgot the name of the store but its just right beside the food counters eh and just beside Clipper/Blade :)

  7. This page is like heaven for me. Naloloka ko sa daming cutesy stuff! :))

  8. OMG!!!! Amg kawaiii! I <3 them all!!!! :)

  9. @Ria Hazel : We're on the same page sis. :D I cant get enough of kawaii stuff too! :D

  10. wow! sis, where did you buy the cardboxes? super cute? can you also suggest stores where i can buy cute stationary and stuff? :D i used to be a fan of this itsy cute stuff when i was still young! biglang nabuhay dahil sa post mo :D

  11. @Cecile A. : Thank you sis! I got the cardboxes from, and I get some of the cute japanese stationeries from Saizen in Galleria. <333

  12. Its nice stuff you have there. Which most of girls wants on their room, I was amaze even the convenience outlet had a sticker on it. Cool collectors item you have.


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