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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Som'n from Kanebo T'estimo : I dont know what its called, but I love it

You are prolly wondering why I couldnt think of a better title than that, right?
But I tell you thats the most appropriate title for this post. 

I love bazaars and thrift shopping. 
(I know I didnt have to say that, everyone loves shopping LOL!)
Clearance Sales and the like trigger the hoarder in me, to the point that I 
always make unnecessary purchases.

Even stuff that Im clueless about, as long as I find it cute, 
it would surely land in the shopping basket. That explains why it didnt matter 
if I had no idea what was written on the label of the product Im gonna 
review today, I just new I had to buy it right after I opened the compacts. ^_^ 

Clean, simple, classy and girly. 

 The compact itself is pretty thin and sleek, wont take much space from my makeup kit. 

I love the floral, swirly details on the side. Sorry the cam's not in the mood to take pics earlier. Battery was about to pass out when I took these pictures. 

One thing I dont like though is that I cant understand a thing on whats written under the compact. I wish they print labels with english translations at least, even just for the name of the product.

The farthest that my mind can translate is the word on the upper left corner which says T'estimo. ROFL!! 

Suffice it to say, the packaging is one of the reasons why I got this.
And upon opening the compact ... 

This is what I saw ... 

 Lovely, right? Who could refuse a great deal for this one? 

1. Creamy Pearl Highlighter 

2. Multi-tone Color Correcting Highlighters

3. Concealer Fixer 

4. Multi-tone contour powder 

I got 2 shades of this. One is the color correcting variant

And the other one is with neutral colors. 
The shade selection of contour powders on this palette is a bit darker than the color correcting variant, but still, the colors are still subtle and would be hard to overdo. 

Overall, the palette is impressive as it is very functional. The powders are finely milled and feel silky as you blend it on your skin. I also love that the bronzers dont bear orange tones. 

There are 2 things that some people wouldnt like : 

1. You would have to use a narrow brush for the highlight/contour portion since the pans are so slim, to give you an idea, they are a little smaller than the pans of shu uemura glow-ons. 

2. I hope they came up with more palette combos that would suit those who have darker skintones since I think, these palettes would just work well on people with nc25 skintones or lighter. 

For the highlight and contour portions, you can run your brush across the pans to mix the colors, or concentrate on using just one color to correct or to contour.

Here's how I use each segment of the compact : 

1. Creamy Pearl Highlighter -- perfect to use on the inner corner of the eyes and the brow bone. its creamy and it doesnt feel greasy at all. 

2. Multi-tone Color Correcting Highlighters -- from all the highlighters Ive tried, this, by far is the safest to use. The shimmers are so fine that it perfectly adds glow without being too obvious that its makeup. Run brush across the pan and blend to create subtle highlights on key areas of the face.

3. Concealer Fixer -- finely milled translucent powder that sets concealer to avoid caking or settling into fine lines. Honestly, I have no idea what its for but I figured it works really well in setting my undereye concealer. 

4. Multi-tone contour powder -- you can never go wrong with this, even though you are a starter in creating contours on your face, this wouldnt make you look muddy or dirty. Run brush across or use each shade alone to define the forehead, cheekbones  and on the sides of the nose to create an illusion of a slimmer nose bridge. These can be used as brow powders too! 

4-5hours with minor retouching needed. 

Loves it!

Definitely! the ones i took pictures of are already my backups, I was close to using up the first ones when my mom asked for them.. :) 

24months with hygienic use.

No idea of the SRP since I cant find stock images or traces of this being sold anywhere in the world. But I got them for Php400.00 each from SMX during a cosmetics expo last year. 

Like I mentioned above, I cant find this in Kanebo counters anymore, not even on ebay or other online cosmetic stores. :( 


Whats your favorite contour and highlight kit? :) 



  1. i love it sis babyjap! they are indeed very nice colors. lovely finds!

  2. Nice one sis, ang hirap talaga hulaan no? Nakalimutan ko na lahat ng inaral ko na Nihongo!

  3. Ang cute! May heart pa talaga :)))

  4. Maybe this blog will enlighten you about T'estimo?
    What a steal! only 400 for that amount of makeup :)

  5. @roxyfoxy : sayang nga Kanebo doesnt join outlet sales anymore, or baka di lang ako aware? haha! :D

  6. @Krys : Matinding palaisipan sya Krys! :D Im glad you helped me figure it out somehow, mwah! :D

  7. @Ria Hazel : kainis nga each time I use it unti unti nawawala yung heart pati yung silver overspray. haha! :D

  8. @Anonymous Thanks for sharing! :D Will check that blog, mwah! :D Ay yeah! Its a steal considering its multi-purpose. Id grab backups for this IF theres any in the market pa, its really nice eh.


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