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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Fairly Odd Post

Another impulse buy from ^_^ 

I cant remember exactly when my penchant for tin lunchboxes started, Im guessing 
its prolly because I want my stuff to have their own containers (the OC-ness strikes again) so I wont have to dig into mountains of clutter before I find anything.

I was browsing eBay the other day and I forgot how I came across a listing for a 
Fairly Odd Parents Lunchbox. I decided to buy it for 2 reasons. 

1. Honey loves watching the animated series. 
2. The handle and the shape of the lunchbox itself is cute. 

Its my first lunchbox thats of a different shape other than the traditional squarish or rectangle ones. 

I love the magic wand handle! <333 

How many lunch kits out there come with unique handles, right? LOL
(babaw lang e, 'no? haha!)

I clicked Buy-It-Now without reading the details of the auction, so the hologram detail at the back was a cute surprise and ads a more unique touch to the lunchbox. 

Embossed Characters on one face of the lunchbox. <3

Plus a couple more shots of the details 

Its not something that big kids could bring to school coz its quite small, it can barely fit one 
brick pack of juice + one small sandwich. 
Its around 5in x 2.5in x 4in. A lot smaller than the average lunchbox.
I got it for Php200.00, its slightly used, which I dont really mind. 
I actually think its a great find. Agree? 

You are prolly asking what Im gonna use this for, well, Im not sure. Haha! 
Im kinda liking the idea of making my lunchbox collection bigger.
Dont wanna entertain the idea much though since Im on the process of 
purging my room from stuff that I dont get to use.


*Side story*

I was making Grape Jell-O this morning when this package arrived, went to my parents room to open the package there and here's my funny dialogue with mom after she saw the contents of the package. 

Mom : Ay, ang cute! Akin nalang! 
Me : Hala, ano gagawin mo dito, Ma? 
Mom : Lalagyan ko ng snacks pag papasok ako sa office *laughs*
Me : *laughs*
Mom : Diba gumawa ka ng Jell-O, penge, lagay mo dyan dadalhin ko sa office. 

Mom actually took the lunchbox with her, I hope she enjoys her little Jell-O treat. LOL! 


So there. Sorry for the babaw post. Haha! 
Uy, Friday nanaman pala! What are your plans for the weekend? :)



  1. Ang cute naman that your Mom actually brought that lunchbox with grape Jell-O to work. ^_^

  2. That is an awesome tin lunchbox! That magic wand handle is the cutest!
    I, too, love those things :) I used to have a couple of tin lunchboxes that I would bring to class (in college, no less) but they actually acted as my "purse". LOL Too bad nasira sila beyond repair :(

    P.S. I'm super OC, too :p

  3. @blackshirt13 : my mom used to tease me whenever she sees me buy kiddo stuff, but apparently, she learned to appreciate narin how cute they are and she ends up asking for them or borrowing stuff from me. :D LOL! she's so funny, natawa pa daw employees namin when they saw our driver carry that lunchbox to mom's office. :D

  4. @Suyen : I go crazy over tin lunchboxes, and just like you, I use them as my purse too! :D Except these mini ones that can barely fit my kikay kit inside. Haha!


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