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Thursday, September 22, 2011

CHARM Retractable Kabuki Brush

On my previous post, I mentioned that something took the place of my Too Faced Retractable Kabuki brush, its from a local brand and its far better than TF's, 
its the Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush. 

Ive had this brush for more than  a year now and I just thought its about time to give credit to its awesomeness. ^_^ 


The Size : 
from the size of the whole thing, to the size of the brush head itself, all I can say is its perfect, it serves its purpose really well and is very convenient to tote around. handling the brush isnt also a problem since its size is just right to let you have a good grip on it.  

The Shape, Density & Quality of Bristles :
- the dome shape spreads powder evenly.
- the brush is super soft and fluffy. 
- picks up the perfect amount of product for each swipe. 
- gives a light dusting of powder for each layer you apply which decreases the chance of caking. 
- from the time I got this, I just remember seeing this shed just a few strands. 
- it doesnt bleed. 
- very easy to clean. 
- the color of the bristles and the brush tube is pure love! 
 It would be easier to check if your brush needs to get a little bath already. 

Some would see it as a turn off if you would need to clean this brush often for it to look pristine, but I see it as a pro than a con, imagine how dark colored bristles hide the actual condition of the brush? 
Seeing how fast this brush gets 'dirty' with makeup means thats how often we should wash all our brushes, regardless of the color of the bristles. 
Who wants to use a dirty brush anyway? :) 

The Packaging :
Nothing else cuter than the silver and pink combo of the brush tube. 
The silver tube on the inside also serves 2 purposes, 
pull it up halfway to increase density of the brush for more precise buffing 

or pull it up completely to protect the bristles from damage when recapping. 

The Price : 
Php 580.00 
I love having brushes that are of prime quality but 
doesnt burn a huge hole in the wallet. 

I smell gastos. 
I am now lemming for the gold one coz its so purrty. ^_^

Anything else that I hate? None. :) 


Now you are prolly asking what made me say its far better than the one from Too Faced. 
There are 2 things that stand out from Charm which made me decide to keep it and sell Too Faced instead. 

1. First thing to consider is How they both perform -  I tote around retractable kabukis for quick touch-ups, I use it to give my face a light dusting of finishing powder to polish off my look whenever I look messed up from heat or stress. LOL! TooFaced & Charm's bristles are identical, I dont see much difference between them, but the deciding factor is the length of the bristles. Charm's bristles are teeny bit longer than TooFaced, which explains why it does a better job in applying finishing powders without confining the powder in just specific spots of the face which would make blending more tedious. Blending fin pow with charm cuts the time in half since I also wont have to reapply blush after I blend my powder in. 

2. The price - this one's pretty obvious, Charm is priced at Php580.00 considering that it performs better while Too Faced is priced at $32.00 which is about Php 1400.00. 

Charm Retractable Kabuki is definitely something that gives more bang for the buck. 

2nd Floor, Serendra
(just beside Conti's )
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Crossings - Shangri-la Plaza Branch
G/F, Shangri-la Mall

Beauty & The Geeks
Eton Cyberpod E-Life ( Bldg 1 )

Charm makeup brushes available via LushShop

 Dolled Up Makeup Studio & Supply
Unit 103 Eden's place corner C. Rosal & Acacia Sts. Camputhaw Cebu City. Tel # (032) 412-4688.

Spread Love and Stay Fab! :)



  1. I have a zebra print retractable brush & I love it for on the go<3

  2. this is super pretty and such a steal if it's comparable (or even better) to super expensive brushes. I love the pink tips!

    Does it cost the same online and in stores? Thanks for the review! =)

  3. i love ur brushes hehehe ;) super kawaii ng pink-silver combo huhuhuu T^T

  4. OMG that is too cute! >_<
    New follower here ;)

  5. @Jackie : this brush even looks better than the one from too faced! <333 Plus it costs a fraction of the price of TF, super love! <3 and yeah I believe it costs the same online and from physical stores, would cost you a bit more though for the shipping when you purchase online. :)

  6. @aMz88 : ganda ng combination no? so girly. i love how this reminds me to be religious in cleaning my brushes. I can be really tamad at times haha


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