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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too Faced Flatbuki Brush

This is an impulse buy but Im glad I didnt control myself from buying this one. 

Why invest in good brushes?

The kind of brush you use plays a big role on how your makeup would look after, the density, the shape of the bristles and all those stuff can help you pack in more color, make it last longer or apply the colors precisely where you want 'em to be. Needless to say,  good brushes will make your makeup look more clean and seamless. 

One more important thing is the quality of materials -- you are sure that the materials theyve used on your brush is guaranteed to be safe for use on your face, especially when you have sensitive skin and would easily break out from stuff, and of course, the lifespan -- if your brush is of good quality, then the lifespan would definitely be longer, thered be minimal shedding, no bleeding and no unruly bristles after a few washing. 

That pretty much explains why you should search for feedbacks first before buying brushes, Remember that expensive doesnt always mean its good and cheap doesnt always mean that the quality is compromised.

One great example is the Too Faced Flatbuki Brush. 
Read on to know more about it. ^_^

The Size:
the size is perfect for applying powder blushes, bronzers and luminizing powders. 
tiny that it would conveniently fit in your makeup kit. 
size is perfect that it can even do a great job in applying contour powders. 

The Shape: 
its not like your ordinary kabuki brush since its a bit flat. :) 
the shape of the bristles is perfect to create a contoured effect on the cheeks 
Who doesnt love makeup that looks flattering, right? <333

The Density : 
the density is perfect to deposit color without overdoing it. 
not flimsy so theres no chance of getting powder in all the wrong places. 

The Bristles/Hair: 
it is super soft. 
made of synthetic, "teddy bear" bristles - perfect for people with sensitive skin. 
picks up just about the right color to make you look naturally flushing, say goodbye to clownish face with this brush. 
blends the powder seamlessly, no harsh lines, no strong pigments. 
it doesnt shed. Zero shedding after washing it thrice. 

The Price : 
$12.00 -- it cant get any better than this. Its a steal for something that 
works well and is of superb quality.

The Packaging : 
Now for a $12.00 brush, its quite impressive that it comes in her own little acrylic box. 

Now you can show off this baby by storing it atop your vanity table without
having to worry that it would gather dust. 

and how can I ever miss the best part of all? 

The Color & Design : 

its pink and has floral prints. 
Nuff Said. 

I know you guys want one, and the only thing I dont like 
about this product is that it is not available locally. 


This brush, I believe is a mini, handy version of the Too Faced Retractable Kabuki which I used to have but decided to let go because another retractable kabuki performed better. Curious? Make a guess, the brand is from the Philippines. ^_^ 
Stand by for my review tomorrow. <333 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. This Brush is so pretty and suitable for Kokeshi girls. its shape looks like bubzzi new brush
    fab review :)

  2. @aringkingking : yuppp! Kaya ako nacurious about it kasi hindi sya mukhang traditional na kabuki. :D cute pa ng name - flatbuki haha! :D weird lang ng reason bat napabili e no? haha!

  3. @jenny07_tm : yeah! I wanna get the LE ones too! :) <333

  4. @aMz88 : I wanna make a little pouch for it so it wont get scratched whenever I carry it around. :D

  5. Ang cute and I'm a sucker for cute stuff! XD

  6. @Dee (BabyJapRN) sayang walang pouch kasama, but its ok since its fun to do DIY make it same deign sakura tree and with a kokeshi girl in pink :">

  7. @Gellie Abogado : Its the cuteness that actually lured me to buy it. haha! :D

  8. @aMz88 : its nice though that it has an acrylic case, Ill just make a pouch and Id have to look for a kokeshi patch or whatev that can go with it. LOL! <3 thanks for the suggestion! <3


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