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Saturday, September 10, 2011

FANCL Facial Washing Powder

I easily breakout when I dont cleanse my face before going to bed, so apart from collecting makeup, I also have this special thing for face cleansers, I dont stick with just 1 specific brand,   so the hunt for good ones doesnt really stop even if I find something that I really like. 

This product that Im gonna review today is from FANCL, and its the only brand (I think) that released a facial cleanser in powder form -- thats what got me curious to try it out. 

I got this item from the gorgeous Smile (beauty blog), Im glad she cleared out her beauty drawer and decided to let go of this one, too bad I wasnt able to catch the other bottle, I really need a backup for this one, since im halfway through the bottle. :) 

FANCL Facial Washing Powder comes in a handy bottle that holds 50grams of product. The bottle might look really small but it would surely last you long since you only need a small amount for each use. 

The cover flips to reveal a spout thats not too small and not too big. Just the right size to dispense the product gradually. 

The packaging's a winner for me since its in my favorite color -- turquoise. LOL!
 And because its handy, perfect for travels too! 

The bottle is not completely opaque, it has a translucent stripe on one side for you to see how much product is still left inside.

The powder's white, unscented and is very fine in texture. 
It forms a creamy lather rather than a frothy one. 

I love that it leaves the skin feeling clean without the squeaky feel. 
Its perfect for everyday cleansing. 

I dont like face cleansers that leave my skin squeaky clean and tuggy, the only time I use cleansers like such is when Im gonna put a peel off masque after since it helps the masque adhere to the skin more. 

 I dont like ones that leave a slippery film either, its usually a trick that makes you feel that your skin is really soft but if you have sensitive skin like mine, you might breakout from cleansers like these since it leaves a thin residue of oil which is responsible for making the skin feel soft and moist. 

With FANCL Facial Washing Powder, the skin just feels clean and fresh. I just couldnt rave enough about this product. I just love it to bits. 

Moisture Retaining Amino Acid Cleansing Agent, Polyamino Acid,
Amino Acid (Serine)

Amino Hybrid Technology formulation makes it easier and faster to create creamy and dense foam which lifts dirt and impurities more effectively and prevents dirt from redepositing onto the skin. 

Or if you dont have a cleansing puff or sponge, you can use your bare hands :) 

This can be used with a Clarisonic Cleanser too! Just lather on your palm first before dipping the clarisonic brush to it. 

Yup. I dont breakout from this. 

Definitely backup worthy since its not available locally. 

Unopened / 1 year from manufacturing date
After opening / 60 days


I googled and found Fancl Washing Powders in deco bottles, I want those too! <333 

Is there anything else from FANCL that I should try? Share your review :) 

Happy Weekend, Beauties! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!


  1. Jap, I knew you'll love this product more than I do. =) I can also put this in to my carry all bag when I travel long haul. =) Less hassle with the airports' strict liquid regulations di ba. =)

  2. @Greenpease: Super love it, Smile! <333 Ang gandang cleanser sobra! And yeah, walang risk ng confiscation or spillage sa luggage <3


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