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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

STiLA Lip Pots (Tinted Lip Balms)

Whenever I get too lazy to do my makeup but want a subtle pop of color so I wont look really pale, tinted lipbalm is the goof-proof solution for me. 

Aside from giving the lips a sheer pop of color that looks natural, I love how it keeps my lips hydrated and how it adds a hint of sheen. 

I love Benefit's Benetint Balm but like I mentioned on that review, the product falls slightly short of the pigmentation. So today, Im gonna share the cheaper, and nicer alternative for Benetint Balm, much more affordable plus they offer a lot more shades to choose from, Im talking about Stila Lip Pots. 

This item got mixed reviews but it didnt hinder me from getting them since I got the trio set really really really cheap on eBay. :) 

Stila Tinted Balms come in a tiny glass pot similar to that of the smudgepots, the covers bear dainty, retro-ish designs. I find it cute that the colors of the pot covers are similar to the color of the balm inside. Its easier to spot the shade you want without having to open the pots. 

One thing that might hinder others from buying this is because it comes in dip-style pot, a lot of people might not like it due to hygienic reasons, these balms look yummy though, and I personally wouldnt mind toting around a lip brush just for this. 

The formula is superb -- smooth, buttery, and not sticky at all. It also doesnt have that waxy feel. For the taste, its unflavored and unscented, no icky makeuppy scent or taste either. 

It does a great job in hydrating the lips, adds a hint of sheen and the tint is just right, nothing too pale and nothing too loud. 

The colors are sheer yet buildable, makes great lipstick bases as well, since it makes the lips smooth and makes lipstick application a breeze. 

I got the trio set that includes (Left to Right) : 
Baie, Mandarine and Cerise

Here are the Lipswatches under Natural Daylight 

Baie is a mauvey-pink color, its a great MLBB shade.

Mandarine is a nice vibrant coral shade
(couldnt get this one right its a bit more brighter in actual, and yeah, my lips need exfoliation i know. LOL!)

Cerise is a pure red tint that's way better than Benetint Balm in terms of pigmentation.
(for some reason, this reminds me of Snow White)

Hand Swatches (taken under white fluorescent light)

See how pigmented they are? Being a fan of Korres Lip Butters (both in pot and tube form), I honestly think this has the same consistency, same level of hydration, and same level of tint, only without the scent of vanilla. 

Dip a finger then swipe on the lips or use the much more hygienic way of using a lip brush. Keeps the balm clean and prolongs the lifespan as well.  

Since this is just a balm, expect to reapply every 3hours or so, depends if you lick or wipe your lips often.

Love it. Keeps my lips hydrated and doesnt cause it to chap even after wiping off the balm. 

I think its worth having all the shades (well at least for me). And oh, Cerise is definitely back-up worthy since I think Stila discontinued production of this already. Go grab yours now! :) 

It doesnt say on the package, or I prolly overlooked it as I discarded the box a long time ago. But ideally, 12-18months. 

I got the trio set for Php 400.00 (around $8.00) on 
I admit being a bigspender but Im proud that Im a wise one, it pays to be really patient in browsing eBay for great deals.

Beauty Crunch Website 


Whats your favorite Tinted Lip Balm? :) 

Stay Fab, you guys! 



  1. @Miss Shopcoholic (Khymm Lam) : Yepp sis khymm! Yung set of 5 di ko naabutan, around 750 lang, i shouldve placed my bid rightaway when I saw it. :(


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