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Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank You Mr.Postman!

I applied for a Globe Gcash Card and it came in the mail yesterday via LBC (coolness!), I was expecting the delivery to take longer but I was surprised to get my card a week after I applied for it. Kudos to Globe for being really fast with this one. 

Now we dont have to fall in line for ages in Globe Business Centers to withdraw cash. :) 
Ill make a separate blog entry for the perks and other infos about the Gcash Card after this one. ^_^

Ive been lemming for a Light Tent since forever, Hun sneaked on my eBay account and got me the one I was watching for 2 weeks now -- I was undecided if I should get it or if we should just make one instead. LOL! 

The deciding factor that he considered in getting this is Storage. It would be much easier to store this one than if we make our own lightbox which would be cheaper but would be bulky and would just add to the rest of my clutter. Haha! 

Next photos are of some random stuff I got from eBay : 

Lot of Shiseido Toners. 

Shiseido SuperMild Shampoo/Conditioner Travel Kits
(I love that they come in plastic cases! They wont tumble around my purse when travelling)

Tsumori Chisato Organizer Pouch

I got this cause it has a mesh pocket. I love pouches with mesh pockets, I dunno why. Haha!

Empty Pots to store makeup or other stuff when travelling. 

These are so tiny and I love that they dont look like the typical travel containers we can get from watsons or Muji.

How was your weekend ladies? 
Mine was pretty boring since I wasnt in the mood to move around, I was PMS-ing. Oh the pains of being a girl. LOL! 

Have a great week ahead, Beauties! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. nice to hear you got your Gcash on time! Ive been trying to apply but I am always getting an error.

  2. @ItsMePaolaa : What does the error message say, sis? Maybe I can help you figure out how to get through the application. :)

  3. Hey! I want that Light tent too! ha ha ha!

  4. @Greenpease : ang swerte mo nga lagi ka nasa Hongkie, super cheap nyan don, 800 lang more or less. :D go get one na! :D problema ko lang ngayon I have to find 2 lamps na matino. DI ko alam saan bibili haha! :D

  5. Go to ace hardware they have those desk lamps. =)

    I really need that light tent ASAP!!!! waaah!

  6. @Greenpease : yunnn! :D thanks for the tip, sis! Go buyla na sister! meron din sa mas mura than sa malls. hehe! :D

  7. @Dee (BabyJapRN) Hi Sis.. sorry I just saw your comment I don't know why ganito I'm not notified of your comment-- I got it squared away na :)) I registered via text un nga lang gcash didnt recognize the promo code kaya i need to load 100 pa to my acct.. :)) thanks sis!

  8. Hello I'd like to know where you got the small "empty pots" and how much :) thanks!


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