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Monday, September 12, 2011

Easy CashOut With GLOBE GCash Card

You can now have 24/7 access to the cash-out feature of GCash thru Globe GCash Card, 
no need to search for Globe GCash outlets, no more rushing for mall/business hours, no more falling in line for ages and no more forms to fill out.

Cash out in-style by choosing from the different card design templates available, or you can create a custom background for your card for no extra charge.

I got my 2nd card yesterday, waited just about a week after I submitted my online application.  My first card looks blah so I decided to get another one. LOL! 

I love my new card, havent tried using it yet though, so I hope its not defective. 
I overlooked one part of the application form so theres a slight error on how this card turned out, instead of choosing "photo with light background", I checked "photo with dark background" thats why the text Globe Gcash appeared white on my card. I dont mind though since it still looks cute Hehe! 

Here are some FAQs to guide you if you plan to get one for yourself. 

  • 1) How can I apply for a GCASH Card?
    To apply for the GCASH Card, visit this link HERE..
  • 2) How much does the card cost?
    The cost of the GCASH Card will be PHP 100.
  • 3)Can I apply for several cards under the same mobile no.?
  • 4) How will I receive the card I applied for?
    The GCASH Card will be delivered to the address provided upon registration.
  • 5) How can I follow-up on my application?
    Upon completion of the application process, the application page screen will prompt you with your application number. Keep this as a reference of your transaction. They can send an email to and will reply ASAP after 2 weeks of non receipt of the card. GXI team will reply within 24 hours.
  • 1) Can I personally design my own card?
    Yes by uploading your desired picture or image upon registration via portal. We will not crop or edit pictures. It will be printed on the card based on its best-fit on card.
  • 2) Can I still change the picture I submitted
    No. All information submitted upon completion of the application process is final.
  • 3) What is the minimum and maximum size of the picture?
    The maximum size of the picture for full customization should not exceed more than 600kb for the ID pictures. However, please note that the quality of the print will depend on the quality of the picture you submitted.
  • 1) What are the benefits of the GCASH Card?
    GCASH Card allows you to withdraw your GCASH from any of the 9,000 ATMs nationwide. It also serves as a VALID ID.
  • 2) Can I use my GCASH Card in ANY ATM?
    Yes. You can use your GCASH Card across all ATMs, Megalink, Bancnet, Expressnet, Encash etc. in the Philippines.
  • 3) How much will I be charged everytime I withdraw using my GCASH Card?
    You will be charged P20 for every withdrawal from your GCASH Card regardless of the amount.
  • 4) Could the customer use the GCASH Card as a valid ID?
    No but this can be used or presented when doing a regular CASH IN or CASH OUT to our local partners including the business centers.
  • 1) What would the customer do if he/she lost the GCASH Card?
    The customer can call 2882 or go to the nearest business center to suspend the card at the same time the frontliners will provide instructions on how to get the replacement card. – create concern type(resolve) for the gcash card suspension. Csr to advise customer to go to store for replacement, SLA: 2 weeks
  • 2) How to get a new replacement card?
    The customer needs to submit a photo copy of his/her valid ID and a notarized affidavit of loss to the nearest Globe Business Center. The GTBC will submit the documents to GXI and delete the previous record. The GCASH sub will be advised to apply a new card at
  • 3) Why do we need to suspend the card?
    The card needs to be suspended to secure and would not be used by anyone.
  • 4) Upon Suspension, can the GCASH sub do GCASH transaction?
    Yes. All GCASH Services like P2P, Billpay. GCASH to Load, Donate etc.
  • 5) Would the customer pay for the replacement due to the lost card?
    Yes and he/she will be asked to go to the commercial website for registration.
  • 6) After applying for a replacement, how long would be the delivery of the new card?
    The card will be delivered on the specified address 2 weeks from the time of application. To follow up for the replacement they can call 2882.
  • 1) What is the difference of a defective and damage card?
    Defective card is defined if the card upon receipt within 5days after delivery, is not working upon withdrawing via ATM or the information or design in the card based on the registration online did not match. For damage is defined as customer initiated or regular wear and tear. With this, GXI will not be replacing this but the customer can request for a new card.
  • 2) What does the GCASH CARD holder needs to bring in the Store?
    They can go to the nearest Globe Business Center and bring the following:
    • a. Photo copy of the valid ID
    • b. The defective card in question
    3) Would the customer pay for the replacement of the card?
  • No. GXI will be shouldering everything then the new card will be sent to the department head.
  • 4) How long the replacement card will be delivered to GCASH Card customer?
    They will receive the card 2 weeks latest since we need to wait for the card and documents from the business center.
  • 5) Does the customer need to register again online for the replacement in lieu of the defective card? No need but we will be using the information including the photo that was used and uploaded online on their first application.
  • 1) If the customer encountered an incorrect dispense of cash from the ATM machine what does he/she needs to do assuming it was validated that there was a debit to his/her wallet:
    • a. Call the hotline number
    • b. The customer needs to provide the following info:
      • i. Name of the customer
      • ii. Date of incident
      • iii. Time of incident
      • iv. Name of the bank and the exact location of the ATM where he/she tries to process a withdrawal via ATM including the amount that was attempted to be withdrawn.
  • 2) How long the issue would will be fixed? 
    3 to 5 banking days and the suspected amount will be credited back to his/her wallet.
  • 3) Would there be a notification if there was an adjustment to their wallet?
    Yes. It would look like as if he/she did a CASH IN Transaction

 Make sure to follow the instructions on the Online Application Form and double check the form before submitting it to prevent errors. 

Hope this helps! 



  1. @Gellie Abogado : thanks gellie love! <333 get your own, kaaliw icustomize yung card. haha! :D

  2. @Miss Shopcoholic (Khymm Lam) : Thanks Khymm! <333 do you have your own card na? go get one na! :D

  3. Whoa! Ngayon ko lang nalaman to. This is pretty convenient. Sana pwede rin mag cash in via atm. :D


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