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Friday, September 2, 2011

Urban Decay Taught Me Something

Urban Decay taught me the value of -- PATIENCE. 

Ive been lemming for the UD Naked Palette since I-cant-remember-when, and I couldnt justify why I would shell out more or less Php3,000.00 for a palette that I wont use often. 

Im a self-confessed makeup addict/collector, but Im no fan of eyeshadows since I feel that I look old whenever I wear shadows (thats the reason why I envy those who can apply shadows well and can pull off different shadow colors and looks), the only set of colors that look good on me (in my opinion) are neutrals (boring, I know). So when Urban Decay came up with the Naked Palette, I knew I had to get myself one, but since I know I wont be able to maximize its use, I didnt feel the urgent need to purchase one for myself because of the price. Thats when I realized I could really be stingy sometimes LOL! I told myself that the only time Ill get myself this palette is when someone from GirlTalk decides to sell hers and that I would shell out nothing more than Php1500.00 for it. 

I patiently waited, and tweeted about this lemming a number of times until a couple of days ago, a GT sister texted me that she wants to sell her UD Naked for Php 1,000.00 (anotha great deal here), and of course I didnt turn the offer down, paid for it rightaway and my UD Naked Palette came home this morning. ♥♥♥

This set originally came with the Dual Ended Liner in Zero and Whiskey plus a small vial of Urban Decay Primer Potion but the original owner decided to keep them, which I dont really mind (Php1000.00 is really cheap considering this palette is almost brand new) since I prefer loose kohls for lining my eyes with and I still have 20ml of depotted UDPP in my makeup stash.

The palette case looks classy, I love the combination of gold and brown. My only beef about the case though is the velvet finish, which becomes a lint magnet, so I think Im gonna have to keep the box with it to avoid accumulation of dust and lint. 

The colors are gorgeous and are very much wearable from creating a casual daytime look to a dramatic smoky one. 

 And now a closer look on the shadows from this palette. I love that some of the colors are matte and can be used to fill in my brows. 

After opening the package, I came to my mom's room to show off my new baby. 
I thought my mom would be green with envy but she reached for her purse and showed me hers. LOL! My attempt to brag about my new palette was a failure. Hahaha!

Oh by the way, you ladies have to be really careful in buying Urban Decay Palettes, there are China-Made (no offenses meant), fake UD palettes in circulation now, I just found several on eBay so make sure you purchase from reliable sellers only. 

Anyhoo, Ill be posting the swatches and review for this palette over the weekend.
Speaking of weekend, I hope all you guys have a good one! ♥♥♥ 

Be Blessed, Beauties! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. wow! 1K for a UD Naked Palette is such a steal! and from the looks of it, seems like it's just slightly used.

  2. @Hollie : all the waiting paid off well. :D where else can i find UD naked for just 1k, right? :D and yeah, looks like it was used several times lang. <333

  3. I wish someone would sell their UD Naked palette to me too! =)
    Patience is a virtue~

  4. The colors are so pretty and versatile. =)

    I saw this in US last June but they're OOS in Sephora. Floppey! ha ha ha!

  5. @BabyJap- Ooohh!! that's amazing!! You canNOT find a greater deal than that! :)

    Btw, fake UDNP's? talaga! I'm appalled pati ba naman urban decay may fake na!

  6. @Greenpease : pang neutrals lang ako eh kaya perfect si naked palette, kaso OOS nga daw few hours after it was launched. kaloka. haha! :D

  7. @Miss Shopcoholic (Khymm Lam) : it pays to be patient. haha! :D nagtampo pa ko nun kasi naunahan ako, so i texted the person who bought it asked her to tell me if in case she decides to sell it in the future. :)

  8. @Lil Ole Moi : 1k is such a steal noh? :D yeah i saw a couple of fake UD palettes on ebay, one seller wrote a disclaimer that those palettes are not real though pero the other one didnt put a disclaimer, so medyo deceiving talaga, you really have to check the pictures first or else youll be lured to get them because of the price. :(

  9. Lemming ko din to!! pero tamad ako make up nowadays. LOL!!

  10. @shoutingwind : tsaka ka na bumili pag pwede ka na mag muk-ap! :D

  11. naked palette! i have a dupe from love & beauty bought from forever 21. 400+ lang. hehe. but i still want an UD palette. typeness ko yung anniversary palette nila :D

  12. lucky you for purchasing the UD at 1,000php! amount.mine was bought by the hubby at 48$ + tax.and i must say that palette still packs a lot of product for a cheap price! wow!


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