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Thursday, September 29, 2011

DiOR Pro Cheeks Ultra Radiant Blush

Sharing one of my favorite blushes of all time. :) 

Im guilty of keeping some of my blushes past their expiry dates, thats the reason why 
Im really mindful about cleanliness/hygiene whenever I use my makeup, so I wont
risk contaminating them, thus, prolonging their lifespan. 

Whenever Im too lazy to think of which blush to use, clean, cool-toned pale pink ones would be my go-to cheek product. Dior Pro Cheeks in 835 Girlie Pink is by far, one of the best cool pink blushes Ive ever tried. I just love it to bits! 


This comes in a cute acrylic pot with a silver lid thats etched with "Dior" all over the sides. 
I like the clean, simple design of the packaging, also love the size of the pot, its tiny enough which makes it convenient to stash in your purse, but big enough to hold a lot of product that would last you a long time to use up. 

It holds 6grams of product, which is quite a lot compared to other blushes out there. 
The teeny pot can be deceiving though and would make you think this isnt worth the pricetag, but it is, I swear. Read on to know more about it. ^_^

I just wanna share a little blooper I had after taking all the pictures I need for this review, I was fixing my stuff when a thought popped out of nowhere -- "If I accidentally drop the blush pot, would it break? I think I have to mention that in my review". I pulled my newspaper-themed lunchbox that I used as background while taking photos of this blush when I heard a pop.

Something fell... 

And my question was answered rightaway. Bwahahaha!

Now, isnt that gorgeous? :) It lives true to its name -- Girly Pink. 
Its a nice clean shade of pale pink with ultra-fine shimmer that would give you a radiant, 
glowing wash of color.

What Sephora says about it : 

"Velvety, souffle-soft cheek color. Add chic to cheek this season like Dior's top makeup artists did on the models during fashion week. Banish that winter pallor with a single touch of this radiant, natural-looking, long-lasting cheek color that blends to a sheer, natural finish."

What Dior says about it : 

"A blush with a new whipped-gel sensation. With its revolutionary silicon resin system, it offers such an incredibly smooth application that it won’t upset previously applied foundation or face powder. Pro Cheeks blends so perfectly with the texture of skin that it embellishes and illuminates the complexion while giving the illusion that you’re wearing nothing at all—for hours on end."


At first, I was hesitant to try this as Ive tried a couple of mousse blushes that got me disappointed. Due to the lightweight formula of air-whipped mousse blushes, most of them would just sit on top of your cheeks waiting to be gone in few minutes time. I dont even have any idea where those blushes go after you apply them. It seems like theyre super lightweight that they melt away in an instant as well. 

Not in this case though, aside from having superb pigmentation, this can be considered the best mousse blush ever formulated. No kidding. Its lightweight and velvety that its effortless to blend on the cheeks. 

And once it dries, it doesnt budge. Not even if you try to rub it off with light pressure, and speaking of drying time, less than a minute or so after you blend it in, the blush sets to a seamless wash of radiance. I just couldnt stop raving about this product. Its just pure love. 
And before I forget, a lot of people are raving about this too! 
As a matter of fact, its rated 4.7 on Sephora and has a similar rating on Makeup Alley as well.
Need I say more? :) 

I did a heavy swatch so as to show the intensity of pigment that you can create with this. Took me 3 sheer layers to achieve this pigmentation. See the tiny specks of shimmer? Thats the kind of shimmer that even people with open pores on the cheeks wouldnt hate.

A lot of people prefer powder blushes for 1 simple reason -- theyre easier to work with. On the other hand, a lot of people steer away from liquid/cream ones because theyre just too complicated to use. Right? 

Being a member of a beauty forum + being a blush junkie at the same time, I always get questions on how to properly use liquid/cream cheek colours, and Im sure a lot of people would actually say, apply the liquid/cream blush first before applying your powder foundie so it wont cake. It makes sense. 

But wouldnt it be great if you can also use your blush on top of your foundie without compromising the flawless finish you always want to achieve even if foundie is in powder form? 

I heard you say yes, and this breaks that little rule on cream blushes, Dior Pro Cheeks can be applied on top of your powder foundie and it wont cake, thats one more reason why I love this blush. You get to enjoy the actual shade of it since it wont hide under your setting powder or your powder foundie. <333 

How to blend it in? Use a dry, sanitized foundie brush or your clean fingers. Whatever works for you would be good. :) 

I did mention above that once this blush dries, it doesnt budge even if you try to rub it off with light pressure. Its because this blush dries to a cheektint effect. 
I even read HERE that this is one of the water resistant products from Dior.
Dior EyeShow and Dior Pro Cheeks: “These are products that are crease-proof and water-resistant so YOU can do your eyes and cheeks without worrying about them moving when your skin heats up.”
Its okay to be stingy when you use this blush since you just need a little product for the color to show up on you, plus, it stays on almost all day with just minor retouching needed considering our weather's pretty crazy here in the Philippines.

Absolutely! <333 

Definitely backup worthy. I wanna kick myself for buying just one extra pot for this. Im on the last pot and Ive used up about 20% of it already. *sobs* 

Ideally, this should be discarded a year after your first use. 
Had this blush with me since 2 years ago and its still good to use. 
(Sorry Im breaking makeup lifespan rules here LOL!) 

Believe it or not, I got this for just Php 650.00 each. 
Not sure about the exact USD pricing at that time, but my memory serves me well that it costs around 650 when converted to Philippine Pesos.

Regular price, if I remember correctly is $29.00 from Sephora and a little over $30.00 from

I got this from a couple of years ago. 
I searched eBay now and couldnt find Girlie Pink anymore. There are a few other shades available and I guess Im gonna have to settle with those. ^_^
aside from, this is also available in 


Im unusually sleepy this whole afternoon, I dozed off for a couple of hours earlier thinking it would cure my sleepiness but here I am again, getting a little drowsy and I can hear my bed calling my name. LOL! 

How was your day so far? Is it as UNproductive as mine? LOL! 

Oh I love lazy days. I dont need to worry bout anything, just play with my dogs and talk about makeup. Nyahaha! 



  1. super cuutteee packaging! great swatch baby jap! love it!
    i am your newest follower!
    keep in touch sis! muah!

  2. I love that shade! so pretty! :)


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