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Friday, September 23, 2011

Coastal Scents Destiny Kabuki On A Stick

Ive been a fan of this brush for how many years now and I have no clue as to why it got mixed reviews (mostly negative) all over the internet, I understand that people have their own preference and that affects their review for a certain product, but I cant really find the negative points they raised regarding this brush since I dont find it pokey, scratchy at all, I never even experienced fraying of the bristles even after several washes and this is like my 6th CS Kabuki on a Stick already, just had to replace the old ones because theyre just... well, old, and because I use it with liquid/cream foundies, made me think its more hygienic to replace it more often than the brushes I use for dry makeup.

I was also surprised to know that Aileen (Shades of U) uses this too and loves it for applying liquid foundies as well. Doesnt it feel nice when people you look up to uses the same stuff that you love? :)

Now, going back to the review.. 

The Size : 
(Bristles: 1.19" (3.00 cm) | Ferrule: 1.94" (4.90 cm) | Handle: 2.38" (6.00 cm))

- the size of the brush head is just right that it doesnt take long for me to finish applying foundie on my whole face, its also small enough to reach tight spots such as the corners of my nose. 
- the length of the handle is just right, the whole brush is just a bit longer than that of SE MAC brushes and compared to regular kabuki brushes, this has an edge for grip cuz of the handles. Long enough to give you a nice grip, but short enough to give you more control over the application.

The Shape, Density & Quality of Bristles :
 - it has sable bristles which i find very soft and not pokey at all. 
- density is just right to pack foundation and blend it to a natural finish, say goodbye to streaky foundies! :) 
- because of the density of this brush, it doesnt eat up lots of product, thats why I choose this over sponges since it helps me maximize the foundies that I have. 
- check the photo above, the brush on the left is of an almost-a-year-old one and on the right is of a brand new one, contrary to the reviews I found thru Google, I never experienced
bristle fraying even if I wash my brush at least 2x a week.
-if you would notice the density too, it doesnt have that much difference since the brush sheds a couple of bristles once in a while during washing but no heavy shedding or bristle breaks at all. 

The Price : 
I got this for Php400.00 on 
Pretty cheap for something that works well and does a great job in applying foundie. 

- Bad Reviews all over the internet means that it should be taken into consideration that buying this brush could be a hit or a miss. 
- Drying time could be a little longer because of the density of this brush. 
- Not available locally. Couldnt find local sellers anymore and I wanna get backups for this. 


Its Friday once again, what are your plans for the weekend? :) 

Spread Love and Stay Fab! 



  1. Coastal Scents brushes really have mixed reviews across all of their brushes. I think I've tried their flat top buffer before and it was so stinky even after several washes I parted with it. However, I love their pink kabuki brush! It's one of my favorite blush brush. Maybe their QA/QC on their brushes are not applied to all so some are good, some are bad. (>_<) Glad to know you found HG material in this brush and to think you have two pa! (^_^)

  2. @MereMakeupManiac : Im glad I didnt sell my backup. I super agree with the inconsistent QC, I have their Stippling Brush -- used to have 3, one shed so bad that I had to throw it away, the other 2 are okay naman.

  3. I have a couple of brushes from CS, hit and miss talaga, some are really good considering its price, some are okay lang, so far I havent had a bad brush from them naman.

  4. @MissChief : cheapie lang din naman kasi their brushes, and so far wala padin ako naeencounter na sablay talaga kaya okay lang. :D hehe! :D


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