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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Korean Stickers II : Just Because I Cant Get Enough Of 'Em

Now this batch of Korean Sticker haul would prolly end my lemmings for buying more stickers, my stash wont fit in a large envelope anymore and I havent even used any of them yet. LOL!

Part 1 of the Korean Sticker Haul can be viewed HERE 

Im glad though that I can hold up to what I realized a few months ago -- that I already have too much unused makeup in my stash thats why I had to stop, or should I say, take a break from buying more. 

So there, first post for today would be Korean Sticker Porn. Pictures heavy, but I know collectors like me would enjoy looking at them. (^_^)

Disclaimer : Im not selling the stickers, Im just including the price plus how many sheets each set contains as basis. 

Honey Bee Village Sticker (Php 120.00 -- 6 sheets)

I'M + Sticker Set Version 1 (Php 150.00 -- 6 sheets)

Childhood Sticker Set (Php 150.00 -- 6 sheets)

 My Lovely Musician Sticker Set (Php 150.00 -- 6 sheets)

Hello Coco Sticker Set (Php 100.00 -- 6 sheets)

Momoi Sticker Version 1 (Php 250.00 -- 20 mini sheets)

Iconic Deco Pack Simple Sticker Set (Php 100.00 -- 10 sheets)

Iconic Deco Pack Mini Sticker Set (Php 200.00 -- 14 sheets)

Iconic Deco Pack Sticker Set Version 2 (Php 250.00 -- 16 sheets)

Stamp Sticker Set (Php 120.00 -- 6 sheets)

Korean Bentoy Multipurpose Photograph Paster Suit Sticker Set 

(Php 250.00 -- 24 sheets)

Aside from the stickers I got, I also grabbed a few Korean Sticky Notes from National Bookstore. Theyre Php 20.00 each. 

So there, a little something to lighten up the stressful week. :) 

Have an awesome weekend, Ladies!

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. You are making me drool! Where did you get all of those pretty stickers? =) Happiness over stationaries, stickers, and sticky notes.

  2. @Genn : Someone mentioned expressions in SM North Edsa has them but if you wanna purchase online, just go to and search "Korean Stickers" booknerd77 is the seller i get my korean stickers from. <333


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