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Sunday, September 25, 2011

MiLANi Color Perfect Lipstick -- 16A Bing Cherry

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image courtesy of Milani Cosmetics website 

Was supposed to do this tomorrow, but decided to share my review for the Milani Color Perfect Lippie in Bing Cherry now, like I mentioned on the last part of my previous post (Mango Mambo), I was a bit disappointed with this one since I relied too much on a swatch that I saw online which looks very far from the actual color of this lipstick. 
(not blaming anyone, I know its my fault, was expecting too much ^_^)

Note : Will just copy some parts of the review from the previous entry since theyre just the same on some categories. 

Milani is a drugstore brand in the U.S, I dunno when the brand started to get a bit famous but I assume its prolly when they released makeup shades that are excellent dupes for branded makeup. 

 The frosted goldish-silver or silvery-gold (?!) plastic tube looks blah. Didnt disappoint me though since its a drugstore brand anyway and it wont cost you much to buy this from its regular price, you just get what you pay for.

Overall, I dont mind having drugstore lippies with packaging that doesnt look attractive since what Im usually after is the contents, if the product itself would impress me, then I wont mind buying this item again.  

What it says on the website : 

"A creamy-smooth, full-coverage, lustrous lipcolor that makes lips look and feel magnificent! The unique contour tip perfects lip shape with a more precise application. "

True that, the formula is indeed creamy, smooth, highly pigmented and has a hint of sheen. 
Please note that the frost ones got feedbacks that they feel gritty when applied. 

One important thing I learned when I got this lipstick in the mail is : Dont rely too much on online swatches. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered that affects the color that you see on screen. 

I was expecting Ferrari red, but instead, I got this deep red color that's similar to this : 

credits : zphotoblog

staying true to its name -- Bing Cherry 

WARNING : Raw pictures ahead. :D Edited just to add borders and watermarks, so pardon the lady 'stache that I tried to hide on the previous post. LOL! 

Here's the swatch under natural daylight : 

Swatch under indoor fluorescent light : 

The color isnt ugly, but I guess its too deep/strong for me that it makes me look masungit. 

Thats what I mean when I said that we should know how to choose the right color to suit our skintone and undertone. More than that, choose a lippie shade that would enhance your look rather than a color that would make your features too strong. This is a very nice color but sadly, it doesnt look right for me, I feel that it doesnt suit me well. Its not something that I can wear comfortably. 

This shade leaves a dark stain on the lips, make sure you use a sheer coat of lip balm underneath to minimize staining. That being said, I think its also necessary to use a lipliner before applying this to confine the color in your lips and prevent it from bleeding. 

It lasts for about 4-5 hours with little retouching needed.

Honestly, no. Unless you like this shade. 

12 months.

$ 5.49
Got this on for Php 100.00 

US Drugstores 
and probably Milani Resellers in the Philippines 
(thru eBay or Multiply -- DigitalTraincase


More reviews in the coming days! :) 

Thank you for droppin' by! <3 



  1. So red. I'm still searching for the perf red lipstick for me because so far, none has looked great on me :P

  2. Ayan na naman! kainis ka.. why does your lips look like that! Grrr.. Pardon my pervy thoughts.. pero pwede kagatin! lol!

    I love this shade! ;)

  3. @Gellie Abogado : deep reds dont work on me, bright reds look nice naman sakin, i look old kasi with wine-y or mga deep red colors. :(

  4. @Lil Ole Moi : Nyahaha! :D mwah! Kaaliw ka Raine! Ikaw nga ang ganda e! Parang crush na kita, nyahaha! :D

    Now since you like this shade, Im gonna have to think of ways to make this work on me, baka nasindak lang ako sa pagka-dark nya. haha!


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