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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Top 5 + How To Apply Cheekstains

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Cheekstains are my go-to product on lazy days when I want my makeup to last the whole day without needing to retouch after a couple of hours or on days that I know I wouldnt have time for a retouch. 

With this post, Im also gonna share a few of the things you need to know on how to apply or how to use cheektints or cheekstains. 

Guerlain Russian Doll Cheekstain tops my list.
I love that the shade is not like the typical cheekstains out there, its in cream form too and melts on the skin leaving a natural looking flush. 

The luxurious smell got me too, overpowering for some but Im loving it, smells luxurious.
The downside : Its LE and its not available in Guerlain counters anymore thats why I had to hoard backups of this before. LOL! 

Next on my list is 

Everything I could ask for in a cheekstain is in this product, light, doesnt leave streaks on the cheeks, gives a healthy flush and doesnt break me out. Tint lasts fairly long on the cheeks too! :) 

The third item on my list is 

not a big fan of red stains but this has the most natural looking reddish tone that never looked artificial on me. I love that I can use this on my lips as well whenever I feel like Im too pale. 

Fourth item on my list is 
Benefit Cosmetics' Benetint Lip And Cheek Stain

Of course, the cult fave should be included on this list, its one of the most lasting tints Ive tried, smells like rosewater and the tint looks really nice too. It sits on the 4th spot though since it tends to leave a mark on where you initially dotted it so you need to blend it soon after you dot it on your cheeks if you dont wanna have red blotches there. 

And on the 5th spot,
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints 
in Pink, Peach and Red 

Cheap, does the job well, lasts fairly long, colors are fresh and smells really nice! <3 
Pink variant is a dupe for Benefit Posietint, Peach variant is a pale version of Benefit Chacha Tint and the red tint when used sparingly can be a dupe for Benefit's Benetint. 
The best choice for budget-conscious peeps out there. :) 

How To Apply Cheekstains : 

1. Start with well moisturized face  
Starting off with dry skin would make your cheekstain look blotchy and uneven.

2. A little goes a long way so add stain gradually
A small amount can go a long way with cheekstains since most of them are highly pigmented, its easier to layer the pigment for intensity than it is to redo your makeup once you put too much on.  

3. Blend with a brush not with your fingers. 
Blending stains/tints with your fingers would put too much pressure on your cheeks, makes it redder than usual and makes it more difficult to spot the actual amount of tint you deposited on your cheeks. 

So instead, use a foundie brush moistened with clean water or face mist to apply and blend your cheekstain. Less pressure makes you see the actual intensity of color that you want on your cheeks. Plus theres no staining on your fingers <3 

4.  Tint BEFORE or AFTER Foundie? 
When using liquid foundie, apply this AFTER you have applied your foundation and just before you do a light dusting of setting powder. 

When using powder foundie, apply stains BEFORE applying foundie or else it would make your foundie cake and your makeup will be a complete mess. However, if you use a powder foundie with medium to full coverage, I would suggest that you still use a powder blush after applying your foundie since the stain's color would be washed out by the coverage of the foundie. 


Cheekstains can be tricky to apply and its quite tricky to get the right intensity of color so I hope those tips can help you apply your cheekstains easier and make the finish look more natural. 

Do you love using cheekstains? Whats your favorite?

Be Blessed, Beauties? Hope you ladies have a great week ahead! :) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. wow that's alot. i haven't tried other cheekstains other than my favorite sophie martin pink cream. i love it so much because it stays the whole day on my face and it costs me only php70!
    the only downside is, it comes only in 1 shade :( anyway, good job! i love your reviews as always

  2. : I can actually do a top 10 and that would include sophie magic tint <3 I super love that too! I love the scent din, smells like baby powder!

    thanks for dropping by sis! <3 thanks for the kind words. <3

  3. Sis, what if you're using a powder foundie? I really want to use my benetint but I love my powder foundie as well.

  4. @Krys: I answered that na sis sa Tip #4 paragraph 2. :D

  5. woot! i've been looking for the best cheekstain for the longest time! that guerlain looks nice :D must check it out! thanks sis!

    1. you should sis! its one of the best stains ive tried. :)

  6. hi! have you tried ellana's lip and cheek tint?

    1. Ive tried ellana but sad to say I had allergies with it. The color payoff is superb though. :)


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